Causes of lower back pain

Back pain can occur quite often, but they can happen under different circumstances.

Often the patients go to the doctor and ask: if you have a sore back, what could be the reason of severe pain.

Back pain in the lumbar region may develop in the various diseases of the spine, or internal organs. Intermittent pain may occur in people with systemic diseases. Localization of such pain can be different: many people complain that it hurts even more, to the right or to the left, above, or below the waist, and they ask what you have in this area. Frequently this condition develops during pregnancy, this could be the early or late stages. If the pain is sharp, also have a fever, it is necessary to call the emergency care.

If there is constant pain, temperature, you need to understand the reason of this phenomenon can help the expert. In the beginning, ask the doctor who reviews the patient's condition, and what the professionals have to keep going.

To study, pain in the spine, or the reason for the state or any other, it will be necessary to conduct a series of research studies including ultrasound, MRI, etc.

The cause of the back pain in the lumbar region

Causes of lower back pain

If you have back pain in the lumbar region, the cause of this phenomenon is most commonly associated with the development, lumbago, sciatica. These States consequences to the defeat of the lumbar spine for degenerative disc disease. Such pain may be associated with inter-vertebral hernias, the protruding parts. Very sick, if displaced vertebra. Maybe it's the temperature of osteochondrosis depends on the status of women, but in this case it is necessary immediately to the doctor.

If you have persistent low back pain causes in women, both men can be associated with irritation of the nerves of the spine, irritation or swelling of the muscles, ligaments. The answer to the question of why it might hurt my back, can stand the fact that a patients with certain diseases of the internal organs, as well as experienced pain in the lumbar region. In this case, you may be feeling the pain, up, right, left.

If we're talking about why does it hurt my waist, the women, the reasons may be the pyelonephritis, cystitis, urolithiasis. Sometimes, it can cause a sore back for women-related diseases of the urogenital system, particularly of inflammation of the uterine appendages. But even if in the lumbar region regularly pobalivayet pain, the causes of this phenomenon need to find out who the professional.

Why does it hurt my waist, the men, depends on how the disease can be diagnosed. If the lower back pain in men causes may be associated with diseases of the prostate.

In addition, there is a possibility that the pain in the lumbar spine may also develop due to problems with the intestines, the pain may irradiate, when the lungs are affected.

But why not developed severe back pain, the causes of this phenomenon need to find out immediately, to appropriate treatment.

According to the statistics, 60% of urban residents in developed countries sometimes complain of lower back pain. The reasons for this phenomenon, or associated with disorders of the spine. In most cases, such violations are complaining about people 30 to 60 years.

60% of cases the pain is the result of degenerative disc disease, if there is a loss of the roots of the first sacral, 4, and 5 lumbar vertebrae. This phenomenon is called mono-radical syndrome. The defeat of the two roots is formed biradicular syndrome (approximately 33%). Defeat the three triradical roots of the so-called syndrome, rarely diagnosed.

Type of pain

Type of pain

Pain non-specific phenomenon, whose causes can be very diverse. That's a very different pain in the lower back. How you hurt your spine in the lumbar region - is manifested in a strong pull or pain, hardship, as defined, the causes of this condition. It is also important to understand where the pain is, at the top or at the bottom of the spine; to develop, periodically, or continuously.

Causes of acute pain:

  • osteochondrosis;
  • protrusion of the intervertebral discs;
  • spondylitis;
  • acute inter-vertebral hernia;
  • spine epiduritis;
  • vertebral fractures;
  • stretching the acute form;
  • pathology of the hip joint;
  • sciatica, lumbago;
  • disorders of the spinal blood circulation, the acute form;
  • acute pyelonephritis;
  • acute appendicitis - atypical course;
  • obstruction of the bowel.

Causes of chronic pain:

  • Bechterew's disease;
  • deforming spondylosis;
  • kidney stones;
  • osteomyelitis;
  • scoliosis;
  • osteoporosis, osteomalacia;
  • spinal cord tumor, retroperitoneal space, vertebra - primary, metastases;
  • lesions of the vertebrae, intervertebral discs an infectious nature (brucellosis,epidural abscess, tuberculosis);
  • the inflammation of the non-infectious nature (Reuters syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis);
  • tumor of the kidney.

The reason for radiating pain:

  • diseases of the stomach, duodenum, pancreas, gall bladder;
  • atherosclerosis of the abdominal aorta, branches of aortic;
  • diseases of organs of small pelvis;
  • women's diseases - inflammation of the uterine appendages, uterine cancer, endometriosis, sexually transmitted diseases;
  • the disease men prostate cancer, prostate;
  • kidney disease - kidney stones, renal colic;
  • bowel disease - ulcerative colitis, inflammation of the diverticulum, non-specific tumors of the intestine;
  • aortic aneurysm body scrub.

Why there is pain above the waist?

Why is back pain above waist

If there is pain over the back side, it is possible that we are talking about diseases of the liver, liver failure, hepatitis, the effects of the intake of toxic drugs, which the pain of the liver. As a general rule, in this case, the back pain above the waist on the right upper quadrant.

What hurts right and left above the waist? It is likely that in this case, the developing acute kidney disease. Often, when polycystic, chronic pyelonephritis, tumors of the kidney observed mild symptoms. After all, the stretching of the kidney capsule gradually. How to determine what is the pain kidney or lower back? The exact answer to this question only after conducting a full diagnosis.

If acute pyelonephritis edema or the patient has a blocked ureter, the pain is so strong, but boring, often painful. But such feelings are manifested continuously for a long time, often the belly, the abdomen. In addition, the discomfort, the pain obvious in the upper quadrant on the left or right.

The chronic diseases of the kidney, the pain sometimes occur because of certain medications. If the treatment has ceased that feeling goes away.

Sometimes it develops muscle pain that may not only the waist, but in the region of the sternum, etc. In this case, you need to determine the exact diagnosis.

The pain below the waist

pulled, aching pain in the lower back, the lower for developing a number of diseases of the spine. In addition to the women pain in the lumbar region during menstruation. In this case, it just hurts my stomach and back at the same time. Furthermore, this phenomenon manifests itself in the diseases of the genital organs (adnexitis, salpingo-oophoritis, oophoritis), pelvic peritoneum. Sometimes it hurts, it hurts when the cause of the bowel, inflammation of the Appendix. That is, as a rule, passes in the supine position.

Men, pain, or sharp pain may develop diseases of the prostate.

Sharp pain in the lower back possible diseases of the bladder. The exact diagnosis helps the doctor.

Pain, the left, right

Pain, the left, right

If you have a sore back, right or left side at the same time, this may indicate that the development of hepatitis, pyelonephritis, cholecystitis. The lower back pain on the right also manifests itself in the inflammation of the uterine appendages, prostate. Pain in right rear area of hypochondrium develop, pleurisy, pneumonia. If the pain radiates, and felt, above or below the waist with the right hand, a possible unusual appendicitis, intestinal obstruction. In general, the causes of pain in the lumbar region on the right, then the left lower associated with various diseases of the spine and the internal organs.

Pain in the right buttocks in women occurs as osteochondrosis, damage to the ligaments or muscles in this area.

So, if a sore back on the left or the right, one of the suspects, that developing such diseases:

Diseases of the spine

If you have back pain in the lumbar region, on the left side, the reason for this is the state associated with acquired diseases, tumors, degenerative diseases, inflammatory processes. Also unpleasant on the right, then the left lower back can be associated with injuries of a traumatic nature, inter-vertebral hernias. Lower back pain on the left, below top of likely congenital disorders - spondylosis, sacralization, spondylolisthesis, lubalization.

The diseases of the internal organs

The right and the left side hurts the diseases of the pelvic organs (bladder, parametric cellular tissue, the uterus, appendix, prostate). Sometimes it really hurts my back when diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys. The symptoms of the intestinal inflammation of the women and the men, obvious, severe pain in this area.

Disease NS the lumbar-sacral class

The sacrum pain, if appear the following problems: root compression, neurological diseases (neuritis, sciatica, nerve weakness, hysteria), metabolic disorders, diabetes, gout, etc.

Pain, lumbago, sciatic nerve jamming

If you pull back, the reason for this may be related to dysfunction of the sciatic nerve. In case the bite, or inflammation of the sciatic nerve and sciatica pain other. The patient sometimes feels a cross, the peace, the move, sometimes in the back colitis, burning, burning. Maybe the feeling of numbness. The pain can be moderate to strong, unbearable.

The sciatic nerve is the longest in the body. If it's troublesome pain may occur on one side only. Where exactly, depends on the sex of the patient: as usual, the ladies and left for men. Often I get the feeling that a sharp lumbago appears when a lying position, when you change the position of the body. The most painful inflammation of this nerve spot below the knee, so where's the bone at the bottom of the bottom. Sometimes the back of the thigh, calf muscles, knots appear. A problem that's particularly sensitive, if you touched it. This disease can disturb the day and night.

Lumbago - the people this disease called radiculitis. Sudden back pain that occurs after severe stress, sudden movements, prolonged stay in a position, or if hypothermia, colds. If you have back pain, attacks are forced to be in such a situation, in which the pain goes away. What kind of treatments, it is better to ask the doctor. As a general rule, help the massage, it means that the heating. It is important to consult a specialist as hips of evidence of violations of the lumbar-sacral spine.

Lower back pain during pregnancy

Lower back pain during pregnancy

Many women ask what to do if you have back pain in the lower back, during pregnancy. It is difficult to understand what to do if you can't use a lot of drugs-especially antibiotics, how to treat this condition.

Causes of burning sensation, pain, in the period, in the hands of a baby is related to the fact that at this time the female organism is exposed to increased load. The growth of the fetus changes your center of gravity, often expectant mothers complain about backache when you bend forward, and later the constant pain, burning in the back. In addition, during pregnancy the process of physiological changes have been observed for other symptoms - headache, chest hair fall out.

During pregnancy, relaxes the femoral-sacral joints as the body prepares for the birth. This is also a reason for the stress, the spine, back pain.

Every woman who is expecting a baby necessarily consult your doctor. This is particularly important in the case if my back was observed. It is important to contact a specialist whose scope of application is wider than a gynecologist, and then determines how to act to prevent the negative manifestations.

This files most often during pregnancy back pain in kidney area women who have previously suffered from osteochondrosis, spinal curvature, muscle pain. Remember, however, that the pain in the kidneys sometimes the symptoms of diseases of the internal organs. So, the pain, the kidney, the left side may indicate inflammatory processes in the urogenital system. Therefore, if such symptoms during pregnancy, it is important to inform the doctor, as well as the study. He'll tell you what to do if a sore lower back, and determine the cause of this phenomenon.

If sciatic nerve hurts during pregnancy, skilled manual therapy, special exercises. Any medication call the professionals. It is very important that you exactly follow your doctor's recommendations. Only in this case it is possible to minimize the negative manifestations.