Talk about a PAIN in the rear right

Every man at least once in their life from time to time the back pain. Most often, this phenomenon is not cause for concern, regardless of progress. But there are times when ignoring it is not so simple.

Back pain on the right side may indicate a more serious disease than the usual physical strain.

In all cases, to prevent the disaster, it is necessary to analyze all possible causes of back pain, if necessary, consult a doctor.

Talk about a PAIN in the rear right

What type of pain it bother us?

In most cases, back pain is the place where the pathological process.

Accordingly, the pain in a particular place, when knowing the basics of anatomy, we can say that the structure of the body is damaged, or where to look for the answer. For example, in dry pleurisy, the pain will be over the lesion, usually under the shoulder or at the side, it seems, a deep breath, a stabbing in nature.

In other cases, painful feelings may not coincide with the site of the lesion.

Allocate 2 types of this pain:

  1. expected – rays in the center along the nerve fibers in distal parts of the body, for example, osteochondrosis of the lumbar pain may be felt, not just lower back to the right or to the left, but to a leg;

  2. flipped – develops due to lesions of the internal organs (especially the digestive tract), but the remote and superficial areas of the body. On the basis of the origin lies on the sensitive innervation of the skin in the form of a single, painful areas called zones Ged.

Back pain on the right side there is another character:

  1. cramping – comes and goes, characterized by lesions of the genito-urinary organs, the reduction of smooth muscles;

  2. increasing the intensity of the pain gradually increases, is characterized by inflammatory lesions (pneumonia, subphrenic abscess);

  3. the pain indicates a medical emergency (break some education, organ, embolism, intra-abdominal bleeding);

  4. the form of a cross is characteristic of diseases of the spine, the involvement in the pathological process of the nerve roots, the spinal cord;

  5. the constant, monotonous – characterized by lesions of the body, such as diseases of the liver;

  6. excruciating pain typical of traumatic and other injuries of the musculoskeletal device.

Household cause

Domestic causes of pain under the scapula or in the lumbar region on the right contains all the traumatic injuries (soft tissue injuries to the back, stretching the back muscles, etc.). Also this group pain after prolonged physical exertion, to stay in an uncomfortable position, lifting heavy objects.

This group is the cause of the back pain is not serious, it usually solves itself after the rest. But still we can't ignore these signs, because under the guise of the most common symptom can hide a serious disease.

Diseases of the spine

This is the most common group of diseases can lead to pain in the back. If you have already used it hurts the better, you need to think about the possible pathology of the spine.

The main culprit of the back pain lower back pain. Localization of pain depends on which area of the spine pathologically altered. Most often affected is the lumbar spine. This results in a continuous aching pain in the lower right or left. The defeat of the thoracic, painful feeling above the waist or below the shoulder blade.

constant aching pain in the lower right corner

The complications of developing the degenerative disc disease (pinched nerves, inflammation - sciatica pain), take a different nature.

Rexpected pain syndrome – pain radiating along the course of the affected nerve endings (hands, feet). This pain can be constant (lumbodynia, thoracalgia) or in the form of a cross.

Pathology of the digestive system

The defeat of the liver, gall bladder pain often on the right side of the back, the upper right quadrant. Often, such pain develops in diseases of the pancreas (surrounding nature of pain).

Pain occurs under the appendicitis, especially if the atypical location of the Appendix (the position behind the caecum).

The pain under the right shoulder blade often indicate an acute disease of the digestive system. Here is the area of the Stray. Acute cholecystitis often begins that way.

Painful sensations may appear at a distance from the affected organ because of the peculiarities of innervation (Ged)

Cardiovascular disease

Although the heart disease, and the typical irradiation of pain, the left half of the body, but in certain cases may be given.

Very dangerous, as I think, atypical symptoms, the heart attack, when the pain in the right shoulder. The patients in such cases, I don't think that the possible heart disease, you must suffer, but in the meantime lost precious minutes that could save a life.

Kidney disease

Kidney disease often manifests itself in the pain in the lumbar region. Conditions accompanied by increase in size of the kidney (polycystic, hydronephrosis, tumors of kidney), seems to be a constant, nagging pain lower back.

Cramping pain, pyelonephritis, urolithiasis. A typical example of such pain, renal colic attack. The pain in the lumbar region, radiating to the abdomen, vulva.

Gynecological reasons

If the woman was not excruciating pain in the lower back, abdomen, it is first necessary to exclude gynaecological pathology.

Cardiovascular disease

This is due to such pathological conditions:

  1. ectopic pregnancy;

  2. ovarian cyst;

  3. the tumor of the internal genital organs;

  4. painful menstruation;

  5. inflammatory lesions of the reproductive system;

  6. if a woman is pregnant, then these symptoms may indicate a threatened miscarriage.

The defeat of the respiratory system

The defeat of the respiratory system pain is often the back. That can be painful for the following diseases:

  1. dry pleurisy , the pain associated with breathing, increasing the height of inspiration, passed, stinging character, very strong, often to reduce the pain, the patient begins superficially, shallow breathing;

  2. pneumothorax (rupture of lung tissue from entering the pleural cavity from the air) – a sharp, sudden pain below the shoulder blade, the appearance of severe shortness of breath;

  3. the pneumonia , the involvement in the pathological process of the pleura, the pain is similar to observed in pleurisy;

  4. cancer of the bronchus or lung tissue , painful sensations appear if the spread of the tumor in the late stage, the nature of pain, and the localization depend on the degree of germination of cancer cells to the nearby organs, and pleura.

What is the nature of the pain in the right side of back, first and foremost, I must warn you. After all, it's a sign the body is the violation of, or a little more serious.

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