Back pain is the bowel disease

The human body is a complex organization. The disease is an organ can lead to pain in others. This applies bowel. Occupied a considerable part of the abdominal cavity. The disease affect the entire body. So, it hurts the gut? .

Back pain is the bowel disease

The mechanism of the pain

Because the diseases of the intestinal tract may be the infection as well as breakdown of parasites, such as worms. Possible failure due to malignant, benign tumors, endocrine disorders, and other. Sometimes the disorder is caused by hereditary reasons. Example – absence of enzyme.

The intestinal tract is a significant part of the space in the abdominal cavity. Usually the affected area of the intestine dilated size. That puts pressure on other organs, including the spine.

Long exposures increase, and the load disturbance leads to the spine, and dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system. The same applies to the pain that the affected area within other parts of the small intestine, the intestinal tract is usually. They are transmitted to the spine, the back pain.

What is the danger?

Inflammation, or other reasons lead to duodenal ulcer, peritonitis – the hull integrity of the affected area. If the intestine is damaged, the stomach a person gets intestinal contents (food that is not digested, hydrochloric acid, enzymes). The abdominal cavity is not protected. There begins the purulent inflammation. This will damage the internal organs and general sepsis, the body. If time does not reveal the death occurred.

In addition, the disease, the intestinal tract, back pain, can you talk about the cancer. For example, colon cancer.

What is the danger

Another reason for the back pain

However, the pain may be caused by other causes. You have to understand that the symptoms. Clearly clarify all of them to perform. Sometimes resonate with each other, you can talk to different diseases. Required a general diagnosis of the organization. Therefore, any pain should see a doctor. Only he will be able to make a clear diagnosis. Zapuskaniya of the disease can lead to serious consequences and death.

Disease, which really hurts my back may be different. This can be an inflammation of the Appendix, inguinal hernia, spinal disc herniation, kidney disease, prostate, infection, osteochondrosis and others.

The women, who, to menstrual pain, premenstrual syndrome associated with diseases, hormonal disorders, damage to the reproductive organs, ectopic pregnancy. Each of these has its own symptoms. If you heal, then put it aside diagnosed, instead of reasons to fight the investigation. For example, if the inflammation of appendicitis to treat the back, the rubbing and warming, you can start the disease and to peritonitis.

There were cases, when the patients the pain in the spine is suspected that the disease of the intestinal tract and was going to treat you. Timely treatment to the doctor revealed degenerative disc disease. In other cases, people heal, lack of bowel cancer. The result is a custom, passion, the folk medicine can do irreversible damage.

Localization of pain

Localization of pain

Place back pain can talk about a particular disease. The associated diseases of the stomach, near the upper part of the waist. In addition, dyspepsia symptoms. There is also liquidation, and the symptoms of the pancreas. Pain accompanied by elevated body temperature, bloating, pain in the lower back part of the chest, abdomen.

Kidney disease back pain primarily around them in the middle and lower part of the waist. In addition, more frequent urination.

The process may be accompanied by cramps caused by the movement of the kidney stones, salts, the selection to these causes, the pain due to the intestine can be easily distinguished from sciatica. In this case, the defeat, the exposed spinal cord of the person. The symptoms only applied to the musculoskeletal system. They show up in the places with him. We need to consider that sciatica can occur in combination with other diseases. This is the appearance of a completely different disease.

It's like a sensitive bowel

Intestine located the abdominal cavity. First, the pain should appear. The intestinal tract is divided into two parts, to different tasks – slim, colon. The symptoms bowel pain depends on which is concerned. The different diseases have different effects on the pain in the spine.

It's like a sensitive bowel

It starts here, bowel disease affect other parts of the body. The difficulty is that in the early stages of the disease it is difficult to observe. You can buy a little nausea. For example, due to the excessive eating, or alcohol. When development begins to feel the pain, the intestine, and other organs. They are also different in nature:

  • Cramping;
  • It hurts;
  • Drag;
  • Seam;
  • Burning.

The disease may be accompanied by absence of the chair or increases the frequency, nausea, vomiting, change, diarrhea, constipation, etc. the diseases of intestine pain is concentrated in the area of the affected bowel. If given the structure of the intestines, it covers the whole area of the abdominal cavity, reflected on both sides of the body. If the lesion is small, the pain will be there. This is the reason for the difficulty of the diagnosis.

Diagnosis of the disease

If you have back problems urgent access to a doctor. In such cases, can assist, by a gastroenterologist, proctologist or oncologist. The direction he gives to the therapist, after a superficial survey of the patient. Must be assigned to the number of tests. After they will get the full picture of the health status of the organism.

Diagnosis of the disease

The tests include x-ray, ultrasound, CT, magnetic resonance imaging, blood, urine, the endocrine system. This is a common diagnosis of the organisation, which we examine all possible causes of back pain. Whatever the disease, it will manifest. The doctor can do. In accordance with the results determined the diagnosis, treatment.