Unbearable pain in the blades — what's the reason?

If you have back pain near the shoulder blades should not be smeared different ointments, you stay at home to wait for the miracle, the healing. This symptom may indicate quite different than all the other diseases that require timely diagnosis, the treatment, the specialist, the neurologist, the pulmonologist or cardiologist.

back pain

Causes of pain in the shoulder blades

Pain in the blades may develop diseases, injuries, and the blades themselves, each of the diseases of the chest, the cage in the thoracic spine.

  1. Injuries of the scapula. The most common direct trauma. This is what happens when people fall or get hurt in a fist or foot to the shoulder. Very rare blade is broken, when it rains a straight arm. Fractures this is the flat, triangular bone of the lower time it states under the influence of the thrust muscle movement. In the zone of fracture thus swelling, swelling.
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  3. Paralysis of the first gear, the trapezius, if we go, it's very muscles, infection, nerve damage in the back, and cardiomyopathy-develops so-called acquired winged scapula. Ok, this could also be a bruise in the region of the shoulder girdle or the damage to the long thoracic nerve.
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  5. Shoulder crunch is the active movements of the shoulder joint accompanied by moderate pain, an unpleasant sense of discomfort in the shoulder blades. It's caused by exostosis of the scapula, or chronic inflammation of the synovial Bursa, the subscapular.
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  7. Osteomyelitis develops after open injuries of the scapula, accompanied by the symptoms of intoxication, pain in the shoulder. There are often deep intramuscular purulent streaks. The prognosis of the disease is almost always favorable.
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  9. Tuberculosis of scapula is very rare, only in in adult patients.
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  11. Tumors of the scapula may be benign (osteoma of, osteochondroma, osteoblastoklastoma, chondroma) or malignant (chondrosarcoma, reticulo sarcoma). Diagnosed them, the x-ray. If necessary, perform a needle biopsy to check the nature of the tumor.
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  13. Cervical or thoracic degenerative disc disease, which irritated the roots of the cervical-brachial plexus, shoulder pain, sometimes radiating into the upper limb, worry, day and night, preventing sleep. Movement limited.
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  15. Burning pain in the region of the left shoulder blade can be a manifestation of such dangerous diseases like heart attack, or aneurysm of the thoracic aorta.
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  17. Pain in shoulder blades and chest can occur, chronic pneumonia, pleurisy, lung cancer.

What do I do if back pain in the blades?

For A variety of reasons, I understand, now I understand why self-treatment is sometimes to do more harm than good. Therefore, it is important to consult a doctor who will prescribe examination and the appropriate treatment.

  • The injuries of the scapula have resorted to the use of analgesics (Movalis, Ketonal) fixation of the limb in the bandage. Often resort to physiotherapy procedures (electrophoresis lidazy, bela, ultrasound) to stimulate the formation of callus, reduce the inflammation of the fracture.
  • Neurological disease treated by a doctor, a neurologist. Widely used in massage, electromyostimulation.
  • Osteomyelitis is assigned to antibacterial therapy used surgical techniques: open, drainage of purulent focus.
  • If TB patients in the hospital, the special hospital, where it carried out a special treatment.
  • When a malignant tumor surgical treatment is indicated for: the implementation of the inter-scapular -thoracic resection, preferably with preservation of the upper limb (if possible).
  • The osteochondrosis are assigned non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (Movalis, diclofenac), a good help in this case, acupuncture, physical therapy, manual therapy. Good therapeutic effect can be observed in the application of Lyapko applicator. This applicator was developed by a doctor, Reflexologist, reducing back pain, while increasing the traffic in this area, aktiviziruyutsya anti-inflammatory mechanisms. The method is based on the learning Zero effect on the specific points of the body.
  • If you suspect myocardial infarction, the patient should be urgently hospitalized in the cardiology hospital, where provided, to rest until the therapy, anticoagulants, fibrinolytic agents. The pain is from the narcotic analgesics.
  • Disease of the respiratory system are treated in the pulmonology Department. Inflammatory processes used antibiotics, mucolytics, expectorant drugs, physiotherapy, inhalations. If the cancer process is shown special treatment (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy).

So you can identify the real cause of the disease, prescribe the appropriate treatment doctor. To avoid unpleasant consequences, do not delay seeking medical care, a section of which the MRI examination of the cervical spine to accurately identify the disease and its peculiarities.

An MRI scan is the most reliable, harmless way, that is the correct diagnosis. In this survey the patient's health is not compromised, but to identify the potential causes of negative symptoms. In many ways, the accuracy of the diagnosis depends on clinical equipment. Each of the modern centres of a powerful MRI scanner, Siemens 1.5 Tesla. High resolution images are enough to identify even the initial stages of the disease.