Why back pain after sleeping: what diseases can develop methods of treatment

There are certain recommendations, as well as the orthopedic surgeon of choice, bed, mattress, pillow. They should be comfortable, but it's not, because curvature of the spine during a night's rest. It is best to buy special orthopedic mattresses, pillows.

the back pain after sleeping

This article describes not only that, why back pain after sleeping, but this is the practical advice of a podiatrist, and how to properly organize the bed to the other. it also provides a list of the most common diseases of musculoskeletal system that can cause similar symptoms. You will learn on this page about what you will be taken to the timely diagnosis of the disease, and to which doctor I should contact the effective, safe treatment.

Physiological causes of back pain at night

All causes of back pain the night can be divided into physiological, pathological. The first group includes the changes that happen to the tissues of the body during a night's rest under the influence of production-related hormone melatonin.

This is the substance that the pineal gland, responsible for the regulation of daily biological rhythms in the functioning of the human body. It starts to be produced and released in the blood just the day in certain stages (in the interval between 21:00 and 23:00 local time). The successful production of required total darkness. if you used to sleep in front of the TV, neither of which is a full night's rest questions. In front of a flickering TV screen, tablet, laptop or smart phone production of the hormone melatonin.

This substance is responsible for many processes in the human body:

  • a day actively working muscles of the back frame accumulate a huge amount of metabolites of the lactic acid and the disposal complies with the melatonin;
  • the intervertebral disc requires relaxation of the muscles, but the longitudinal tape – they are also beneficial to the melatonin;
  • this material stabilizes the nervous fiber, it begins to conduct impulses more carefully, slowly;
  • to begin the process of muscle relaxation, relaxation;
  • have a stabilizing effect on the respiratory, circulatory system;
  • includes the mechanism of the activation of the "zone regeneration" due to the beginning of the process of the somatotropin growth hormone (he's part of the process in rebuilding damaged / day body tissues at the cellular level).

This mechanism is designed to during a night rest a human body is completely renewed, fill out the energy balance and get rid of the accumulated products of cell disintegration.

Physiological causes of back pain at night include factors that disturb the normal flow of all the described processes. These aspects of the negative impact, such as:

  • incorrectly organized place to sleep the night;
  • sleep, the lights or in front of the TV screen;
  • uncomfortable position to sleep;
  • tight night dress;
  • insomnia, as well as provoking factors (e.g., frequent urination);
  • eating shortly before going to bed.

It is important that before going to bed ventilate the room every day the same rituals (bathing, dressing in pajamas, brushing teeth, etc.). This helps to prepare the body, the pineal gland, the secretion of melatonin in the complete recovery process for the whole body.

If the restless sleep, the muscles do not relax, they do not appear in the lactic acid, metabolites. Accordingly, in the morning after waking up they feel the pain, the tension, the stiffness.

The night's sleep after the back pain: pathological causes

Now consider the pathological causes of back pain after sleeping, what diseases can be caused by the appearance of this symptom. let's start with the basics anatomy of. So back to the symbol area of the body. This includes the collar region of the neck, chest, lower back and sacrum.

The spine is the support mechanism, which is the vertebral body, the intervening depreciation of the intervertebral discs. Integrity, stability, and flexibility, the spine has ligaments. The blood circulation, nutrition of the intervertebral discs have a muscular body back. He is responsible for the execution of every movement.

The ribs form the rib cage inside which is hidden the vital organs (heart, lungs). The breathing provided by the work of the intercostal muscles. The innervation is through branches of the radiculáriszt nerves.

If back pain after sleeping can be due to diseases of the musculoskeletal system:

  1. Bechterew's disease or ankylosing spondylitis (degenerative inflammatory disease mainly affecting the men, in the early stages of the pain in the morning);
  2. scoliosis of the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine (kyphoscoliosis, scoliosis );
  3. osteochondrosis, as well as the complications that the disease causes more than 80% of the back pain after a night;
  4. the instability of the vertebra body (to the night, muscular body back, calm, vertebrae begin to shift, to wake up features, expressed pain syndrome);
  5. the spondylosis, other diseases of the spine;
  6. weakness, degeneration of the intercostal muscles (often similar condition is observed in individuals a long time who was in the intensive care unit on artificial lung ventilation apparatus).

There are other reasons why the night's sleep after the back pain – they are associated with lesions of nerve fibers and muscular tissue. This can be the following pathological States:

  • endocrine pathology, provoking the accumulation of metabolites in the muscle tissue;
  • insufficient blood supply leads to a partial degeneration in the muscles;
  • radiculáriszt syndrome, and pinched nerves because of the appearance of symptoms of the cold.
  • the infection certain types of viruses, bacteria cause the development of inflammation of the nerve endings (i.e., shingles caused by herpes virus).

Injuries, diseases of the internal organs (pneumonia, pleurisy, tuberculosis, hernia of the diaphragm), increased physical activity, may all cause pain in the back during the night.

Sore muscles in the morning after sleep diagnostics

back pain

Diagnosis of diseases is the only sure road to recovery with the help of proper treatment. In nature there is no universal remedy against pain. Pharmacological-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can not eliminate the pain, take away the inflammation. And strong, narcotic analgesics origin only "turn off" the patient's consciousness, which does not allow to realize to the distress call, arriving in the brain the lesions of the tissues.

The back pain after sleeping – this is a sign of trouble developing the disease. You need to conduct a comprehensive diagnosis and determine the pathological changes.

These tests can be prescribed by a district therapist. If pathology of the internal organs, have been excluded, it is necessary to survey the vertebral column. Close the main localization of the pain. Try specifically to identify to which area the sore back muscles after sleep, in which the spine shows the greatest rigidity. You will need to x-ray Department to various forecasts. Eliminates a large part of the diseases of the spine and intervertebral discs.

What if, after sleeping back pain

The first thing, if you sleep after your back pain, to the auditor of the bed. must be organised in accordance with modern requirements of ergonomics, health. Here are just a few recommendations of medical council, for the space of a night's sleep:

  • this should be a separate room, kitchenette, abstracts from sources of electromagnetic radiation (Tv screens or monitors);
  • the bed should have raised the headboard;
  • the pillow should be firm, but not very high, rectangular in shape;
  • sheets shall be submitted to the natural materials.

Second activity – visiting the doctor, an orthopedic doctor. The professionals help in the early detection of dangerous diseases (osteochondrosis, scoliosis, hernia, Bechterew's disease, etc.).

Third – start a medical treatment immediately. There is no uniform regulation for the treatment of back pain after sleeping, because this is not a standalone disease, but only clinical symptoms that accompany a huge number of diseases. Treatment of these diseases can vary significantly.

Therefore, looking for ways to solve the problem with the Internet is not only useless, but dangerous. It is much better to spend 30 minutes of personal time to visit a doctor, an orthopedic doctor at our clinic, manual therapy to figure out the exact cause of the back pain after sleeping.