Back pain between shoulder blades: causes and treatment of pain

Very rare is the pain between the shoulder blades, the reasons for which most people don't know. A lot of people think it's just a "misunderstanding," which will soon pass from you. Many of you will wonder, when faced with a very serious disease. The problem is that the pain is rarely very strong, especially because the spine is rigid. People, most of them prefer to ignore the doctor. But the cause of this pain syndrome, the most severe. So, what could be the reason to occur than the pain?

pain between the shoulder blades

Disease, leading to pain between the shoulder blades

Primarily, of course, the problem with the spine. The most common cause in this case:

  • kyphosis of the thoracic spine;
  • kyphoscoliosis;
  • disc protrusion in the thoracic spine;
  • osteochondrosis of the spine;
  • scoliosis;
  • spondiloarthrosis;
  • shoulder-scapular periarthrosis;
  • intercostal neuralgia.

But the spine is not the only possible cause. The pain such appear the diseases of other internal organs. So, it is very often the reason is that such pain is ischemic heart disease, angina. It is obvious that this disease try to treat the spine lead to anything, because the pain in the other place.

Also syndrome pain between the shoulder blades can also cause disease, such as severe disease of the lung, pleura, diseases of the liver, gallbladder (hepatitis, cholecystitis), stomach ulcer.

It is worth mentioning that such a, because, as the "occupational diseases". In this case the problem is related to the specific job, but rather low mobility, and sedentary work. In this case, in contrast to the weakening of the muscles, ligaments of the back combined with a continuous tension of the muscles located in the shoulder girdle. Such a problem often faced typists, PC operators, designers, seamstresses, drivers, etc.

Note that in general, the thoracic spine is very immobile, so the various degenerative processes in the advanced pretty rare. In other words, the spine is also rare, because it's such a pain. Often this pain is said the problems of the internal organs, the most common cause of spasm of the muscles, which are located in the inter-scapular region, as well as problems with the tendons, ligaments.

When the pain is caused by problems, tendons, ligaments, full of feelings that don't disappear immediately when you change the position of the body. However, the pain usually spread to almost the whole spine, in certain cases, to pay in the region of the heart. This is the reason why there are sometimes problems in determining the exact location of the pain.

Complex diagnostics

As you can see, the cause of the back pain between shoulder blades very much, which seriously complicates the diagnosis. To determine the exact diagnosis the doctor often, a lot of research, which at first glance are completely independent. For example, many people do not understand, why after the x-rays and magnetic resonance imaging must go be examined by a cardiologist, perform an ecg. Because the doctor will need to rule out all possible causes of pain in the attention, the most serious possible, heart disease, degenerative disc disease, herniated disc, etc.

If the cause of pain often lies in the muscles, the doctors know, but they just have to rule out all other possible diagnoses, especially if the prescribed treatment does not bring rapid results.

The treatment of pain, between the shoulder blades

Of course, the treatment of pain, in this case, fully determine the diagnosis and, accordingly, can be completely different. But since I found out that most often the reason is hidden in the muscles, let's solve this opportunity.

In the case where the source of pain in the muscles, in the form of burning sensation (burning pain) , severe area, between the shoulder blades. But in order to move the shoulder, or a couple of times that the wave of the hand, the pain subsides, and then it all goes away. Even worse, if the pain is "gives" in the heart area, and the body immediately takes place – such symptoms of diseases of the thoracic spine, as well as the heart.

The risk

Like I said, most often this disease affects people who either lead a sedentary lifestyle, or the specificity of the profession. Especially, office workers, entrepreneurs, PC, computer programmers, cashiers – you have to spend a lot of time, to a position (back bent slightly upside down, it works, just the hand). As a result, violation of posture, weakened muscles, and ligaments of the back, there is a risk of developing scoliosis, which (subject to age) will no longer be so easily cured.

Characteristic is the fact that very often various diseases of the spine develops in humans, which is the sedentary lifestyle. Just because the pain would be a completely different osteochondrosis, spondylosis, etc. In this case, an a priori need to perform a long treatment. So don't forget the old proverb, which says that movement is life.

What you need to do, how to handle it?

Unfortunately, almost none of the above disease cannot be cured, only the home folk remedies. Pain relievers only temporary, but also a misleading effect, as the fact that the treatment. Medical gymnastics, which is the mainstay of the treatment of many diseases of the spine (this is used in the treatment of problems of the muscles), also designated by the doctor. In fact, the doctor should choose the exercises for the specific case, otherwise the treatment is ineffective. So, in any case, a visit to the doctor is necessary.

Probably get a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, various physiotherapy procedures, massage, therapeutic exercise. However, the exercise therapy is assigned only to decrease the pain.

It is also worth to highlight that the different physical therapy procedures. This method of treatment the extra, it includes electrophoresis, ultrasound therapy, magnetic therapy, the different types of electrotherapy, manual therapy, reflexology, Spa therapy. These methods are rarely able to eliminate the cause of the pain, but well eliminate the pain, relieve the patient's life.

So, when the pain between the shoulder blades, consult your doctor immediately. In this case, it is necessary the consultation of other professionals, trauma surgeon, neurologist, rheumatologist, cardiologist. In the future, you may need the help of a masseur, a chiropractor.

Prevention of pain


The one and only, the best prevention in this case, an active lifestyle, lack of to excessive stress, bad habits. The need to maintain a certain physical activity, always be aware of posture, sleep in the right conditions, the right to movement. Yes, such prevention requires constant monitoring, a way of life, but it's much easier than to cure the various diseases of the spine, the muscles, ligaments of the back.