Lower abdominal pain, lower back: this could be the reason

The women suffering from the pain often in men. They are the pain is not only due to gynecological diseases, but also a number of other reasons. Pain in this part of the body can be a symptom of many very dangerous diseases that threaten human life. Only a doctor can diagnose, and then determine how to cure the disease. To self-medicate, this is not desirable, in fact, it could just be life-threatening.

pain in the lower back, abdomen

The diagnosis of symptoms

First, all the doctors ask the patients, who suffer from the lower abdominal area, the lower back, the force, the intensity of the pain, as well as other features. He is particularly interested in:

  1. However, what type of pain (sharp, stinging).
  2. Not the temperature of the body, feel the person is vomiting, do not throw him to the fever.
  3. Where exactly is the pain (lower, right lower abdomen, to the left, on both sides, in the middle).
  4. He: vomiting, bleeding, fever, difficulty urinating, frequent urges.

The patients doctor will ask about the pain in relationship to menstruation, and possible pregnancy.

Diagnosing the origin of pain in the lower abdomen, the lower back, the doctors is the following:

  • Prepare a endoscopy of the stomach, intestines, bladder.
  • Conduct laboratory tests to identify the possible herpes infection.
  • A general analysis of the blood. If the test shows an increased content of leukocytes, increased ESR, then the obvious presence of inflammatory process.
  • A urine sample. When you increased the number of white blood cells or the red blood cells, very likely, problems with the urinary tract.
  • Conduct ultrasound of the organs located in the heart of the pool. This is done to make sure that the pain is not caused by diseases of the genitourinary system.
  • A special diagnostics to detect diseases that you can get during sex.
  • Conduct x-ray examination, the pool, and the individual sections of the spine.

What caused the pain in the abdomen, the lower back

The pain can be a variety of causes but the disease. Usually very strong, if the inside of the body, broken, there was a fracture, internal bleeding.

The chronic inflammation, pain, dull, painful, excruciating, when intracavitary pressure usually pulsating in nature.

Here are the basic of the disease, the symptoms, which can be a pain in the lower abdomen, the lower back:

  1. The inflammation of the Appendix (appendicitis). The pain is accompanied by vomiting, fever. Usually strong, very sharp, but in some cases it hurts. Delayed treatment of appendicitis can lead to rupture, the development of a deadly disease – sepsis in the abdominal cavity.
  2. Infection in your system urine excretion, inflammatory processes in the bladder (urethritis, cystitis, etc.). In addition to the pain in the lower abdomen, lower back, these diseases are also characterized by the presence in the blood, while the urine.
  3. Various infections of the intestine. Localization of pain is usually in the lower abdomen, but sometimes in the lower back. Drawing the characters. Other typical symptoms of intestinal infection include mucous membranes-blood included in the stool. The doctor immediately go, because otherwise you will end up with severe complications, sepsis (blood poisoning).
  4. The inflammation of the intestine. Localization of pain in the abdomen. He reminds you of, the lower-back and groin. If the inflammation is ignored, then soon you will have a direct ulcer or duodenal ulcer.
  5. Colitis. In addition, the aching pain in the lumbar region in humans there is an increase in temperature, as well as the bloating. Initially the pain is sharp, but gradually it becomes dull (when the disease acquires a chronic form).
  6. Inguinal hernia. When an internal organ goes under the skin, and then press muscle, low back pain is so unbearable that the man lost consciousness. Among the most common symptoms of inguinal hernia, it should be noted, vomiting, nausea. Without surgery, you can't, that ambulance should be called immediately.
  7. Urolithiasis. The pain is periodic, the nature of the blunt force, but can also be acute (when the stone begins to move). Localization of the different lower part of the abdomen, the lower part of the.
  8. Lower back pain. The destruction of the lumbar vertebrae leading to nerve roots, the appearance of a drag on the pain. The location – on the back, but that's what gives the pork chops, as well as the lower regions of the abdomen.
  9. Tumors. Abdominal pain can also signal cancer of the digestive system and the genitourinary system.

The not-so-common causes of pain in the lumbar and lower regions of the stomach, are the following:

  • osteoarthritis inter-vertebral joints;
  • arthritis (rheumatoid);
  • stenosis;
  • scoliosis.

Also pain in the area of the body possible, of the stroke.

Especially the pain of women

The appearance, the pain, the lower part of the abdomen, and the lumbar region of the women have sexual diseases, but not alone. Gynecological disease, the pain in the right or left lower abdomen, but sometimes covers the entire abdominal area lower part. It is a sign of such conditions and diseases such as:

  1. Premenstrual syndrome. Accompanied by a dull pain in the abdomen, the lower part of the. The cause of the syndrome – spastic contractions of the uterus. These are held before the first day of the menstrual period. Syndrome caused by chronic inflammatory processes.
  2. Menstrual pain. During menstruation, the uterus begins to grow, to shrink, to the body easier to get rid of the blood clots. Painful symptoms in the abdomen and in the lumbar region caused by these strong contractions. As women are less stable hormonal background, the more painful symptoms. If she gave birth, these pain symptoms talking severe diseases.
  3. The cysts or other benign tumors.
  4. Ovarian apoplexy. It happens that after sex, physical exertion, when a Mature follicle is an egg. Localization of pain in the lower part of the abdomen, but I felt the lower back. The nature of the acute. Related symptoms, dizziness, nausea, general weakness.
  5. Inflammation of the fallopian tubes, the vagina or the uterus. The pain is severe, sharp. To delay the treatment of inflammation impossible.
  6. A tilted uterus. He spikes caused by genetics. Localization of pain symptoms lower abdomen. There's a drag character.
  7. Adnexitis – the so-called inflammation of the uterine appendages. The disease usually begins after birth, abortion. At first the pain is mild, the localization of the abdomen. If not treated, will develop peritonitis (inflammation of the peritoneum, the pool). Then the pain becomes unbearable, the place of displacement to the groin (right or left).
  8. The fibroid. This is a benign tumor, which is often localized in the lower abdominal area and the lumbar region of the body. Usually accompanied by convulsive, painful attacks.
  9. The ectopic pregnancy. After the fertilized egg attaches to the fallopian tube, an unpleasant, nagging pain in the lower part of the abdomen (right or left), which are the waist. Various forces bleeding, loss of consciousness – is a common symptoms of this condition. The pain symptoms are worse during motion, or defecation. To eliminate the possibility of ectopic pregnancy should be immediately – or to avoid tubal rupture.
  10. Endometriosis (inflammation of the area of the uterus, ovaries). Pain in the presence of this disease is especially strong during menstruation.
  11. Ovarian rupture. Pain in the abdomen in the lower part of this disease is unbearable, loss of consciousness. The patient, the disease requiring urgent surgery because of the danger of the infection in the abdomen, after it got into the blood.
  12. Detachment of the placenta before the deadline of the pregnancy. The placenta separates from the wall of the uterus before he was born. The disease is accompanied by severe pain in the lower abdomen. The character is stupid, progressive, paroxysmal. Other symptoms of bleeding, problems with the heart function of the fetus.
  13. The risk of miscarriage. The pain is more pronounced in the abdomen, but the lumbar region is weak.
  14. The premature birth. Accompanied by cramping and pulling pain in the lumbar region, or lower abdomen.

The lower abdomen, low back pain immediately after an abortion. Here the pain is a sign that the abortion was carried out successfully, the fertilized egg removed only partially. Need to be treated urgently, otherwise there will be sepsis.

Sick after too rough sex after fracture of the walls or the vault of the vagina, the cervix, erosion, damage.


If your after sex don't just feel pain, but also stands out with the blood, the woman probably picked up the infection (usually chlamydia).

Polyps – another common reason for the pain appears on the lower part of the abdomen after sexual intercourse. Often bleeding. Polyps should be removed, because sometimes transform into cancer.

The pain symptoms with bleeding after sex is caused by dysplasia (abnormal cell changes in the cervix).

Also the women with pain in these areas of the abdomen caused by mental factors caused stress, frustration, depression. In such a case, the woman need to consult a therapist or psychiatrist maybe psihofarmakoterapia.

Why the lower abdomen, low back pain in men

The men, they are sick much less often than women. The main reason (in women) diseases of the reproductive system. These are the following:

  1. Of the prostate gland. This is because for such pain usually appear. Pain during urination or bowel movements is another symptom of prostatitis.

How to get rid of such pain

The doctors highly recommend not to heal, not to attempt to remove them your pain relievers. The first thing is that the doctor, who diagnosis, prescribe the appropriate treatment. Medical care these pains is necessary, if:

  • Continue longer than an hour.
  • The profits, if people move or cough.
  • Longer than a day, no bowel movements, but not bloating.
  • In Calais, or the blood clots or unnatural black color (a sign of internal bleeding).

Pain, abdominal, low back pain, there are many reasons for, or a reference, like regular muscle tension during exercise, so it's a scary disease, such as sepsis, which occurs when the rupture of an internal organ. Self here is not the diagnosis without being a doctor I don't know. Only he can explain, it helps to get rid of the suffering. Try to get rid of the pain in itself is a very dangerous undertaking, which could end in a tragedy. So the point is to do not be afraid to trust doctors, because it affects the health and quality of life.