How to treat lower back pain: causes, remedies

How to treat lower back pain if you do not have time to visit a doctor? After all, we're very busy, a lot of the work, always in a hurry, always late. And there is never a time that the treatment seriously until we find ourselves in the car, "Ambulance".

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But I will tell you that the most common problems that can cause such pain, methods of home treatment. But please note that it's not "folk" methods of treatment will not save you from developing the disease, you still need to get together and go to the doctor.


This is perhaps the most common reason that your back hurts. Look for hypothermia, it's not that hard, it's not necessarily freezing cold. In order to work in a hot room, and then wet to go into the room with active air conditioning. Hot body gets under a stream of cold air. Man it's gonna be cold in such circumstances, but adaptation happens fast enough. But the next day you start to experience back pain, becoming a problem to make it right, or the pain is often constant, dull, and the movement will be sharp. So quickly, quietly acquired hypothermia, or, more simply, "blow back".

Method of pain treatment of hypothermia

First, it is logical that in this situation, to warm up the back. This is the best ointment that is easy to find in any pharmacy. Well, if ointments on the hands, and the usual alcohol. RUB the back with alcohol, or ointment, and then wrap it with something warm, a scarf, or handkerchief, for example. This procedure should be done every day until the pain goes away, when you're outside you have to dress warm, paying particular attention to the lower back.

If your back hurts very much, it is best to go to the doctor. In this case, it may require an injection, which almost immediately remove, or seriously weaken the pain. Usually different Nsaids.

If the problem with hypothermia is relevant to you experience regularly, then you will need a warming belt of sheep or dog hair, which can be found in almost every pharmacy. Belt wear under the dress every day since, it's thin, almost invisible.

Treatment UHT

To date, the treatment of the symptoms, the pain using shock wave therapy, is regarded as a progressive method of medical practice. UHT – treatment method, which allows you to go back to work rhythm for 4-5 sessions. This recovery method is the most popular among people leading an active lifestyle, I try to get rid of the unpleasant a short period of time.

Lumbar back pain

Extremely unpleasant pain that appears when serious physical exertion, and fast. This happens, for example, if you carry something heavy. A sharp pain in the lumbar region, which then goes up, then disappears. As such, the pain is very short term, then forget it successfully. Then repeat under load, and again held. In this case, it may be useful, think about the fact that something is not right. This pain is characteristic of sciatica, which is the drug, the so-called "lumbago", and the "cross".

The treatment of pain, when the cross

The first patient, who has such pain must be determined to a relatively hard surface. You don't need to put down the member, if the mattress of the bed is relatively new, it is possible to lie down on the bed. The pain, you can drink a pain reliever, which can be found in the hand.

Please note that a person in such pain is hard, not to sit in a hot bath, or try the "steam" in the tub – the opposite desired effect.

Heat in this case should be applied dry, or use the ointments for back pain. Importantly, this ointment does not cause allergies, whereas in most cases the composition of these ointments aggressively. Subsequently, the patient in bed for a few days, and the diet you need to limit the fluid and salt.

If the pain persists, call the doctor, as well as the total treatment – half-measures won't do it.


In fact, this disease quality the 2. section of the sciatica. Wait, that's my "nice" time is not difficult, if we ignore the pain that may arise 1. stage of the disease (short-term during of heavy loads at higher loads). Hernia-the pain is constant, significantly increased the movement, the easier it will be, just the other (lying).

If you have more specific symptoms, the person with this disorder experiences continuous low back pain that radiates to the leg, but increase the sudden movement. It's also possible that the reduction of the sensitivity, or numbness in the lumbar region.

"Home" is the treatment of a herniated disc

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To reduce the pain, to do the following: make sure that the patient is in the bed, completely at ease, after which, any pain, anything at hand. Then you should call your doctor. In the acute phase of herniated disc every of the popular treatment only injury, pain is not going to go the "method" or "frills" that should be treated seriously and thoroughly.

As one of the additional methods to ease the pain of the movement – the use of a rigid lumbar corset that will not give you the ability to move the lumbar division of the spine. But it's not a cure, this corset can weaken the back muscles which then have to recover through physical therapy.

"Professional" back pain

This problem is typical of people to this kind of work, which suggests that low mobility, or a long time in the uncomfortable position. This is cashiers, operators, PC, computer programmers, office workers, etc. not the best day for such people with back pain, the muscles begin to "wine", and this status continues for a very long time, to a chronic. This is what the so-called "occupational disease". The point is simple– to low mobility and lack of a lot of the muscles, ligaments of the back are weakened, it won't take you back to the normal position, quickly get tired. The result is not only the pain but also posture.

Treatment of "occupational diseases"

Because this disease is chronic in nature, as well as the fast-acting method of pain exist. Analgesics in this case is not a solution as the pain will come back as soon as the result of the action, constantly "sit" on these drugs impossible.

The only effective method of treatment in this case, the physiotherapy, which is able to restore the normal condition of muscles, ligaments. But I repeat, this is not a one-time treatment, such exercises have to deal with constantly.

You also need to follow the correct posture. Not only the work but also in everyday life. It is also useful as a massage, a good professional. Self massage in this case is not the best solution.