Back pain below the waist: what it is

Back pain below the waist bothers a lot of people. The ignorance of such manifestations of the pain syndrome, we call it "sciatica", although this is completely wrong. Pain below the waist is caused by a number of reasons to take other characters also have a nice little list of the diseases it is obvious that this symptom.

A lot depends on exactly what kind of pain and the location. Determine the cause of a sore back, just a specialist. But first you have to understand that what doctor to address, to solve the problem.


A short list of possible causes of pain below the waist:

  • Lower back pain. The disease is observed in dystrophic lesions of the discs between the vertebrae, or the vertebral bodies.
  • The spondylosis is osteoarthritis of the joints between the vertebrae.
  • Tumors of the spine. Primary tumor, metastases (the result of the development of the tumor to other organs or systems).
  • Fracture of the spine.
  • The infection of the area of the vertebrae discs.
  • If there are any problems in the organs located in the pelvis, may show the described symptom.
  • Dysfunction of the gastro-intestinal tract.
  • Problems with the blood circulation to the spine.
  • Abnormal metabolism, resulting in total damage of the bones.
  • Inflammatory diseases of non infectious origin.


Most often acute pain in the lumbar region occurs in different strains. Center pain syndrome long muscles of the back. Constant cramping at the end leads to restrictions of movement. This is the reason why pain in the lower back, the pain experienced in the legs, groin area.


Often acute pain that occurs due to such obvious reasons, that can't be ignored: a fracture of the vertebrae. Some people think that this rarely happens, but the fact is looking for to break even a simple fall on the leg. Especially in cases when there are certain changes in the spine, and the bones themselves, are fragile.

Offset disc

Following a fairly common cause of the what causes a sharp pain. The lumbar intervertebral discs are forced. The symptoms are very strong: people can't move.

Mimiko lack of talking about syndrome

In principle, this rarely leads to the manifestation of acute pain in the lower back, these symptoms can be. They are called nerve roots in the spinal canal. If you have compression at the exit from the spine, a phenomenon manifested.

Epidural abscess

Serious disease, which is rarely the pain below the waist. Most often this disease develops in the thoracic spine, pain, localized. But, if you run the process, it is also given in the lumbar region. The disease immediate surgical treatment.

Chronic pain: less scary, but dangerous


The chronic pain always appear not so sharp. But the pain still can not be ignored: if there is pain, then the body that something is wrong. While the people ignore the condition and try to treat the traditional methods, the disease progresses.

Lower back pain or learn more about the lumbago

Often pain syndrome, the chronic nature of this area is inherent in the people, older, middle-aged, elderly. But today's youth are also faced with the painful symptoms. This condition is called "lumbago".

Pain occurs, provided that the increased physical activity, it's still an awkward movement. This is so permeates the body that the man is a time to stop in the position in which it is found.

Possible causes of lumbago:

  • sciatica (but not always, and it is for this reason that the description of the symptoms);
  • hernia in the lower back;
  • it was a change of one or more vertebra;
  • it could have been one of the intervertebral disc (maybe with heavy loads on the spine);

The pain is sharp, acute, many characterized as the "lumbago" in the back. He's not only do you get to the movement of the air, it hurts. If you go to bed, spend a little time in the silence, the phenomenon is reduced.

Pain below the waist

Very often such give pain in the leg, then follows a strong exertion or after exposure.

What is the reason, you need to remember:

  • sciatica;
  • herniated disks;
  • Bechterew's disease;
  • renal colic (the pain localized below the waist on the right side);

Back to the pain in the lower back, the women

As the number of gynecological diseases, and special conditions women can also cause pain in this area, something the phenomenon of great ladies should talk separately.

Classification pain below the waist in women:

  • Lumbago. This acute back pain due to stress or hypothermia.
  • Lumbalgia. Pain, this type is permanent, but not strong character. It is also occur due to loads on the spine (which are permanent), and also due to sedentary work.
  • Lumboischialgia. Pain of this type almost always gives the leg. This can occur if the hernia requires rapid treatment.

Important! If the pain in the described area, aching in nature, they are not a sign of serious pathology. Although, of course, it is also necessary to proper diagnosis and treatment.

Localization of pain on the left side below the waist

Except that this phenomenon is caused by disease of the spine, it can be a pain, which is forwarded to the internal organs. The left side of the body in this part of the kidney, intestine, pancreas, stomach, spleen. The woman on the left side of the ovary, pathology, which can cause pain in the lower part of the left.

If the diseases of the internal organs is severe, then it is obvious that not only the pain in this region. Most common symptoms are fever, chills, abnormal urine color, abdominal pain (in women, the fault of the menstrual cycle).

Important! If the survey is not the problems of the internal organs and systems, it is necessary a further examination of the spine.

There are two kinds of pain, and its causes:

  • Sore dull pain that indicates chronic spondylarthrosis'. Most often, this phenomenon manifests itself after prolonged sitting, after sleep.
  • Sharp, pungent. Acute lumbago restrict movement is accompanied by a decrease in the body temperature. The pain appears after a shower, or even a massage.

The temporary pain in the legs or buttocks

The pain during the lower back often radiates to buttock or leg. If the diagnosis the physician should take into account this fact. This phenomenon suggests that perhaps the affected nerve roots of that part of the spine.

Also the pain reaches the legs, groin, in the stomach, suggests a possible severe lesions in the upper vertebrae. Sometimes the pain leads to the lethargy, the foot, the loss of the ability of the movement indicates that the inflammation of the sciatic nerve. The most often observed, as in the piriformis syndrome.

What provokes pain in women

If the woman in your life there is no physical load, then begins an active weeding the raised beds, or just decided to wash the floor in the house, unpleasant pain below the waist can cause. Frequent bending, fatigue, the back lead to the pain, because the skeletal muscles are not prepared for such work.

Interesting! This is exactly the reason why beginners fitness may describe the form the pain. Even the professional athletes to the every day excessive, unusual load.

To harmless causes of pain description of localization are the following:

  • the sedentary lifestyle (especially in poor posture);
  • incorrect lifting;
  • load is excessive for a particular lady;
  • hypothermia (draft or light clothes, then quickly felt);

Because of the pain, gynecological problems


Infectious diseases of the reproductive system in women can cause severe pain. Gynecologists emphasize that in this case the lower back pain doesn't hurt the nature, the acute, and affects the livelihood of the ordinary women, tied.

According to various gynaecological reasons for pain can be a constant aching in nature. In any situation, to get an accurate diagnosis for a given case, only a doctor.

Possible gynecological problems because pain is below the waist:

  • The critical days in the body, increase the substances responsible for the sensation of pain. Therefore, there may be excruciating pain in the bottom lower back lower abdomen. Should be examined by your doctor, but some emergency measures in a situation like this don't exist: you have to wait until the pain goes away.
  • During pregnancy, especially in the last stage. All clear: the pressure on the lower back the increasing weight of the fetus. Plus, the organization definitely produces the hormone progesterone, which is the weakening of the joints, ligaments.
  • If the pain appeared in the early months of pregnancy a dangerous condition. This indicates that there are risks of detachment of the ovum. Often excruciating pain in the lower back, if such threat is accompanied by a brown river.
  • Endometritis. The mucous membrane of the uterus, the mucous structure, which insist on different inflammation. So, if this happens, the symptoms will be bright, without a visit to the gynecologist is not enough.
  • Ectopic pregnancy, cyst, fracture or stroke in the egg– because of the severe pain in the lumbar region. The pain is localized at the bottom need to be hospitalized.

If a person has pain in the lower back is not necessarily manifested through sciatica. There is a huge list of diseases of the spine and diseases of the other organs or systems, because such a syndrome. To accurately determine the cause of the pain, only the doctor depending on the localization, character, and other related symptoms.

Don't try to self diagnose myself. It is necessary to consult a doctor, for example, to the therapist, tell them what state to pass the appropriate tests. Take care of yourself, don't self-medication without consulting a doctor, because often such interventions in health leads to tragic consequences.