Back pain in the morning after sleep in the afternoon

During the dream, the man to restore mental and physical strength. The proper rest will make your morning, the new day, full of new events, emotions. Back pain in the morning not only ruin your plans, but there is a symptom of various serious diseases. The fact that the pain occurs every morning, a reason to go to the doctor. Even if the morning, your back hurts, or during the day, you can not ignore this problem.

back pain

Cause the morning pain

The human spine is constantly in tension. Every day is subjected to physical loads of different intensity. If you damage a part (bones, joints, muscles) discomfort, pain in the morning. There are many reasons why back pain after sleeping. Some easy to solve, without medical intervention, others must be diagnosed, consult your doctor.


Sleep gives the opportunity to relax, all systems organs. Bed uncomfortable, mattress is the main cause of the painful syndrome in the morning. The bed must support the physiological condition of the back. Too soft or too hard mattress provoke incorrect body position during sleep, so a little muscles do not relax, that's why the lower back pain directly in the morning.

A well-organized bed, orthopedic mattress, normal stiffness because of the back pain after sleeping start with uncomfortable posture. Useful to sleep in the back raised and slightly bent legs. The position of the body, which is not oppressus not muscle, the organs of the other, not the unnecessary stress and helps the healing. In the absence of other causes of back pain after sleep is not displayed.Surge

After work, intense physical activity, especially if it is unusual for the body, you experience lower back pain in the morning as a result of muscle tension. The tribe, accompanied by myositis. It is for this reason that the most common. Does not require medical intervention, does not occur daily, takes place independently. Help we recommend local application of ointments, creams to relieve pain. For example, it did not occur to to verify the load distribution during exercise. Why sleep, my back hurts, if not for the surge. Often the patients lead a passive lifestyle, sedentary work muscles are sore from constant or in the same situation. Why back pain in the morning or in the afternoon? Muscles no time to rest, to heal.

Disorders of the spine

If he's still sleeping conditions do not affect the renewal, back pain, morning is present, the cause may be disorders of the spine. Where to begin the search for the cause? The full diagnosis should visit a traumatologist is a neurologist. After the medical history the doctor will the diagnosis, and view the analysis. The most common cause of osteochondrosis.

In the morning after a night's sleep looks like, stiff back muscles, bright pain in the spine. It's hard to make the transition to the horizontal position, so that the patient is affected by the discomfort. Lower back pain will make your spine immobile, rigid. Every day I need more time to tune in a working mood. The lumbar most often became the target of the disease, but other options are possible. The defeat of illness, the cervical spine pain back between the shoulder blades. A characteristic feature of osteoarthritis is pain when bending in any direction, the fatigue, the desire to be in a horizontal position. Acute pain occurs, even a small cough, patients can return at any time.


Joint disorders

Not only is the spine the cause of a sore back after sleeping. The age of the cartilage change, disappears the fat, RUB, and then was destroyed. Degenerative changes because of pain, disease called osteoarthritis. It affects all the joints of the body, including the intervertebral discs. The complete restoration of the cartilage tissue is impossible. However, timely treatment to the doctor to slow down the destruction, the pain medications to improve the quality of life of the patient. If medicine is strong, sharp pain in the morning, don't bother.Trauma

A long time after suffering a spinal injury back pain in the morning. This is not a natural condition, since the damage is a lot of stress, even in the absence of serious damage pain for a long time do not pass. The doctors don't always immediately notice the trauma. The slightest suspicion, you should seek medical help. Before visiting your doctor, the patients are advised to save lifestyle, lifting, sudden movements, sleep in the most comfortable position. No medication without a prescription to therapeutic exercises.

Diseases of the internal organs

The pain occurs not only when problems with the spine, muscular skeletal system. Indicates that the diseases of the internal organs. Often, the pain aktiviziruyutsya the process of falling asleep. The pain interferes with accurate diagnosis. The patient does not know why, my back hurt, it really is.

Inflammatory processes in the kidney giving pain in the morning, as well as diseases of the liver and biliary tract. If, after sleeping back pain in the blades I have reason to believe, that the inflammation of the lungs (bronchi), especially if you have a cough. Another scenario – disorders of the circulatory system. Why morning sore back the women? This is one of the symptoms of diseases of the reproductive system. In the morning may interfere with nerve pain. The correct diagnosis is important to consult an experienced doctor who will prescribe a series of tests.

Pain during pregnancy

During pregnancy, women with back pain often immediately after he wakes up. The body has changed, rebuilt. Don't be afraid again, to take back childbirth. It grows in the womb the baby shifts the center of mass of the expectant mother, the gait changes, it looks like the fatigue, it's hard to find a comfortable position to sleep. Often pregnant women have back pain in the lumbar region.


Diagnostic methods

If it hurts in the morning, it is necessary to consult your doctor first and foremost to the therapist. After collecting the medical history to assign a primary survey methods (analysis of the urine general, blood tests), the technician will show the future direction in the diagnosis. If the performance tests are calm, no acute inflammatory process in blood chemistry. The detection of the heart-vascular diseases doing the ECG. These studies will help to cut down the diseases of the internal organs. In the absence of therapeutic diseases, the patient is sent to the traumatologist, neurologist.

The next step in the study of the spine x-rays show the general condition, the presence of inter-vertebral hernia, deformation of the cartilage. Unfortunately, not always this method is illustrated. Revealed only in the osteo-articular apparatus. Not every change is recorded on x-ray.

There is an alternative. Magnetic resonance imaging or computed tomography will show you why the patient's back pain in the morning. This method is the most effective. Bones, joints examined from all sides, and is more likely to detect the cause of the problem. If you have problems with muscular corset the application of electromyography.


Depending on the disease, the doctor prescribes treatment. In severe cases, the patient goes to the hospital. The most disease back pain in the lumbar region, requires home treatment. If the back pain is just a symptom of the therapeutic disease, a special treatment of the rear of the same pain medications are ordered. In those cases, degenerative disc disease require, reflexology, massage. The effectiveness of treatment of spinal cord injuries appointed rest, often the patient is only permitted in a horizontal position. Following this, the girdle or belt.

As you know, the best treatment is prevention. If a person experiences lower back pain after sleeping, you should avoid the strain, do not lift weights, not to be Rude. Active lifestyle, gymnastics, swimming beneficial effect on the back.