What's the doctor's address, if you have back pain?

The doctor makes a preliminary diagnosis, you are sent to the correct person. The spine take care of the problem, if the health of the spine. Visit the office of a neurologist, if you have a nerve or nerve tissue is irritated, the inflammatory process. It could be to visit a cardiologist, or gastroenterologist, if the cause of the pain is due to the dysfunction of the internal organs.

back pain

The drug of the day highly specialized. First, it is difficult to tell what the doctor's address. If back pain is present, and the chronic diseases, first report pain to the doctor. Various diseases, because of the different pain. Can be expressed continuously, or the attack. The pain can be stabbing, whining, go in the legs, throbbing, pressure.

The chronic pain syndrome often caused by excessive growth of the bone tissue. At the same time, the patient may feel numb, weak legs. Visited the neurologist.

If the sore feelings, the cause may be muscle inflammation. The pain is mild, but for a long time did not leave. The inflammatory process is triggered by the cold or excessive voltage. Help the office of the neurologist.

Stabbing pain possible diseases of the respiratory or urogenital system. In such cases, you need to get the services of a pulmonologist or urologist. The tunic, as well as in those cases, when people broke my neck. These symptoms may indicate a hernia, and the risk will occur. This will help the neurologist or spine.

But if your back pain occurred, what did the doctor say to leave, go to the therapist. I will tell you what to test, what tests to pass. After studying the data analysis of the symptoms, the therapist will decide which one of the doctors.


This doctor specializiruetsya in the study of the spine, and diseases. This will be the full image will determine the competence of the source of the pain, gives recommendations for treatment. Good doctors are the skills of the masseur, a chiropractor, a plastic surgery of spine.

These treatment methods will help, if the pain is due to the fact that:

  • Sleep too soft, or vice versa on a solid, uneven bed;
  • Uncomfortable shoes while sleeping;
  • Sleeping in a bed, the artificial tissue;
  • Hard working, physically;
  • Constantly sit at the computer or work in the office.

You don't have to search for a doctor, follow the following preventive guidelines:

  • Only sleep on the bed of medium hardness. It's too hard or soft mattresses, pillows, slow deformation of the spine. The day a good posture;
  • If a driver or an office worker, often try to stretch;
  • Should be easy, discreet workout. Nowadays, this is the reason that most back pain in adults;
  • Sitting at the computer, select the correct Table, chair. Backrest should be high, in order not to create unnecessary tension in the back. Hand right to the arm rest. If the weight, the vertebrae is an additional burden;
  • Get rid of the extra pounds. Being overweight is not only putting a strain on the musculoskeletal system, which is a risk of osteochondrosis, hernia, but also affects the metabolic processes in cartilage;
  • Start swimming or to the gym. People attended the physical therapy, to support the musculature of the back was normal. Not necessarily at the same time, the sports recorded. To cure the unpleasant effects it can be difficult;
  • Weight lifting at home, to straighten his back. Otherwise, a broken back is guaranteed.


Find the doctor is not always easy. If you ask a traditional doctor what kind of doctor treats the spine, the answer is probably a neurologist. The competence of the neurologist are not included, like for example, many therapeutic techniques in which the spine. But these doctors diagnose you, and if you're the victim, sciatica, degenerative disc disease or herniation, the problem is found, a prescribed treatment.

A neurologist at a local hospital will be able to diagnose this pathology of the skeleton:

  • Sciatica (inflammation of the spinal nerve);
  • The herniated disc (output of the intervertebral disc, the stable position of the gap);
  • Low back pain (strain, disc, cartilage);
  • Joint (extra bone growths on the vertebrae);
  • The inflammatory process in the area of the sciatic nerve;
  • Protrusion (the first stage of the development of a hernia).

It may seem that there are problems with the rear, but requires treatment will be the endocrine, or respiratory system. The reason can be a lie, infections, or tumors.

Other doctors


Urologist. If the source of the back pain is not found the neurologist, home treatments for pain in the back doesn't help, consult a urologist. Your back pain may be a sign of the patient's renal or other urological pathology.

A pulmonologist. Pain in the region of the thoracic spine may be due to the fact that the observed lung pathology. Therefore, the pulmonologist identifies the presence of infectious diseases, tuberculosis, or pleurisy. However, the stabbing pain, the back can talk to the inflammatory process.

Cardiologist. Maybe the stinging pain in the thoracic spine, which the patient related back, the result of diseases of the cardiovascular system. The cardiologist removes the risk of myocardial infarction, cardiac ischemia.

Endocrinologist. This special will reveal the possible lack of calcium, or the calcium metabolism. If the problem is not insufficient supply the body with this substance, it may be that disturbances in the musculoskeletal system.

The rheumatologists. Examine the connective tissue of metabolic processes. To detect the risk of joint arthrosis, or, if you have it.

Trauma. You may want to consider old injuries. Can be felt the many years. And the patient may have ripped down the back, difficult to work.

The gastroenterologist. Stinging pain can be the result of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract: ulcers or gastritis, of the stomach, pancreatitis, cholecystitis. There may be problems with the output of bile, pancreas inflammation, intestinal disorders. The gastroenterologist also exclude appendicitis is suspected.

Oncologist. Organs, lesions, which manifests as back pain in the place of the development of the tumors. Cross the back could be malignant or benign tumor. Cancer respond much better when taking the drug, the development is at an early stage. Therefore, if the pain can't find other doctors, it's better to be safe than sorry.

Gynecologist. Sore back, a lot of women during your menstrual cycle. This can happen because of the fact that, genetically, the uterus is found, a few years ago. Lower back pain can also signal an ectopic pregnancy, inflammation of the female reproductive system. Even a healthy pregnancy can cause back pain.

Diagnostic methods

To understand who to turn to, what kind of doctor deals with the problem, could be the result of the following studies:

  • Standard analyses of blood, urine will help determine if the body inflammation;
  • X-rays taken from different angles, it's time to find out, if you don't face the risk of developing a hernia;
  • CT will consider the damage if you threw out your back, or experience excessive tension;
  • MRI gives a comprehensive, accurate picture, but can be used no more than once a month;
  • The ultrasonic method will tell you the condition of the cartilage, tendons, point to the dangerous cancer;