Chest pain, radiation to back: possible causes, treatments

In clinical practice, very often there are situations when back pain radiating to the chest. This is because the back, i.e. the spine, nerves that transmit impulses throughout the body. Therefore, chest pain in the right gives back, so we have a mirror effect. Furthermore, localized pain in the whole back - the cervical spine, the location of points in the different pathology in the body.

pain in the chest and back

Dangerous symptoms

If the pain radiates to the chest, the reason to see a doctor. However, there are many indications that the person in need of immediate medical help. And if you don't, you could die.

  1. The chest pain on the right gives back, the man lost consciousness.
  2. Paralyzed, shoulder, neck, back.
  3. Back pain does not go away within 20 minutes.
  4. Chest pain radiating to the back, while the person, shortness of breath, rapid heart beat, sweating, repeated loss of consciousness.
  5. The pain is accompanied by dry cough, the blood.

Any of these symptoms are a sign of a dangerous pathology associated with the circulatory system. The delay of assistance often leads to death, especially if the chest pain on the left gives back.

First aid dangerous pain

If a person has chest pain, back pain accompanied by loss of consciousness, cold sweat, pulse in the form of fibers, uneven breathing, he needs immediate medical help. Ambulance called immediately. Then, you need to establish that the man on the back, gives you access to fresh air to open the shirt, belt, open the window. I don't care to patient losing consciousness, it is necessary to give it time to air ammonia on the cotton ball. If the attack happened earlier, you need to enter the patient's prescription.

Back pain, and thoracic degenerative origin

When the pain radiates to the chest, first, it is assumed that the patient has a disease of degenerative origin. You can, osteochondrosis, inter-vertebral hernias, scoliosis and other spinal disorders.

Why do pain radiates from the chest? This is transmitted, as well as the nerves exit between the vertebrae, and passes the internal organs of the chest or abdomen. If the thoracic spine happened to a pinched nerve, then you feel a sharp pain around the heart or the lungs. A lot of the symptoms, medication to stabilize the heart muscle, give yourself up to the development of diseases of the circulatory system.

To make sure that the chest pain is not related to the heart, have a few deep breaths, forward bends, back. If the pain increases, this means that the nerves between the vertebrae are stronger, but this had nothing to do with heart disease.

Osteochondrosis, inter-vertebral hernias and other diseases of the spine acquired. Can't be infected through blood or food. All them went to the man's life. For example, if for a long time sitting in front of the computer motionless, the blood circulation around the spine is broken and developing of different pathology. Or vice versa, if very often to lift weights, or live with the excess weight, the vertebrae wears out quickly, which causes the diseases of the spine. There is also the riskiest sports, where there is always a direct threat of injury or a spinal fracture - a car and motorcycle races, or weight lifting. If a young athlete can't feel my back after fracture, 40 to 50 years in the area of trauma formed the anomalous zone, which causes pain.

the symptoms, the pain,

Diseases of the spine begin to develop in childhood, if the child sitting incorrectly at a desk, slouches by. Over the years this becomes a habit, and develops a kyphosis, i.e., slouching, scoliosis, sometimes both.

Therefore, when the pain radiates to the chest, the treatment begins only after full diagnostics, including x-ray examination. The conference method in this case, the magnetic resonance imaging.

Heart disease

If a person with heart disease, chest pain radiating to the back, especially during the attacks. For example, a heart attack manifests itself in acute pain is reflected in the square between the shoulder blades or the left shoulder, arm, jaw. When it really hurts my chest the effect in the back, the discomfort occurs exactly in the center of the chest.

Severe pain in the sternum, radiating to the back may be a symptom of a heart attack rear wall of the chamber. But in this case, a reflection of the pain in the lower back, or right upper quadrant, resembling the pain in the stomach. This, incidentally, prevents to correctly diagnose yourself, because if such symptoms a person begins to suspect that the attack peptic ulcer.

If the pain is between the Breasts gives back to the area of the blade, it may be angina. Especially, if the symptoms of nature burning sensation in the back.

These symptoms are usually related to the feeling of panic, shortness of breath, the rhythm of the heartbeat. The exact diagnosis is used in this case, the ecg, and, accordingly, MRI.

Disease of the respiratory system

The largest organ of the chest or of the lungs, bronchi, i.e., the respiratory system. Exposed to multiple dangerous diseases, characterized by, that the pain behind the breastbone that radiates to back.

Fortunately, the lungs are deprived of the nerve endings, otherwise the person during the illness dies, the pain, the shock. The unpleasant feelings arise, the pleura around the lungs. It also receives signals from the nerve endings embedded in the thoracic spine.

Confirm the suspected pneumonia or bronchitis, taking a deep breath. This is the disease of the breath, provokes attacks of pain. In addition, if the breathing can be heard wheezing, the throat, the lungs of the patient.

Lung disease because cough, muscle spasm between the ribs, causing discomfort.

Lung disease includes diagnostic x-rays, electrocardiograms, blood tests, magnetic resonance imaging.

Diseases of the digestive system

Sometimes back pain radiates to the chest for diseases of the digestive system. The most common among them in this case, the pancreatitis. Pancreatitis is accompanied by severe pain syndrome, usually eyes around the characters, the obvious symptoms, the area of hypochondrium. Usually the chest pain radiates to the back. Pain, this disease is so intense that people sometimes don't understand, where it is localized, where, in fact, the source. It seems that it hurts the whole chest and back.


Another well-known illness accompanied by similar symptoms - peptic ulcer. During dentition lesions of the stomach or duodenum pain syndrome is so strong that the person is not able to think properly becomes hysterical, even to die, the pain, the shock.

Sometimes an attack ulcer vomiting blood, there is no doubt about the nature of the disease.

If the pain radiates to the chest right side, it may be inflammation of the gallbladder – cholecystitis. As with any disease of the gastrointestinal tract, this is caused by the wilful neglect of diet, consumption of alcohol. The gallbladder is the result of inflamed and delay of outflow of bile. This leads to chronic pain in back and chest, which is the accumulation of stones in the ducts of the organ. This is the complication of the pathology of the conventional treatment does not help, the gall bladder should be removed.

Diagnosis of diseases of the digestive system includes the MRI, endoscopy. Also carried out ultrasonic research of liver, pancreas, gall bladder. Laboratory blood tests help to determine the level of bilirubin in the body.


The cancer affecting the lung, liver, stomach, pancreas, manifested constant pain in the back or the chest. That's great, inflamed neck lymph nodes in the armpit.

Diagnosis of the disease, in addition to the instrumental and laboratory tests belong to the biopsy tissues of the affected organ.


If you fall back from a height, or other physical damage to the spinal pain radiating to the chest, this indicates that serious damage to the vertebrae intervertebral discs. In this case, they do not bother the patient, but in any case I don't have to give him to sit, stand. The basis is annoying, because it was just an experiment for the victim to stand up after the injury go away on its own. In general, the treatment of cracks or fractures of the spine goes from 1 to 3 months, but if the patient after injury, and walked, and treatment is then delayed 12-18 months. This injury is diagnosed by x-ray or MRI.

respiratory system

Psychosomatic causes of

Pain in the sternum or the center of the back is caused by mental disorder. People phobia, fear of cancer, the fear of contracting heart disease – the fear of tuberculosis, it is easy to determine the pain in his chest, and "favorite" disease. Known cases, when a person has developed a serious pathology on the background of the common intercostal neuralgia. Sick, afraid of dying from a heart attack caused by his condition is critical, abusing drugs to the heart.

Diagnosis, treatment-diseases, psycho-therapist. Of course, after the patient goes through a full diagnosis on the subject of lung -, heart -, or systemic diseases.

The treatment diagnosis

Pain in the middle of the sternum, radiating back pain in the back reflecting in the chest - the most common symptoms of the various diseases.

If this happens, consult your doctor, do not try to diagnose the disease. It is often the case that people with increased suspiciousness, phobias are one of the symptoms can be very dangerous diagnosis. But the worst part is adopted to deal with him. You have to understand, if he's healthy, physically, the person starts the medication the disease of the liver, heart, stomach, sooner or later, the body refuse to work normally. An example of such treatment is a hobby of patients with medications containing enzymes to help digest food. Tool undoubtedly helps the digestion, but the pancreas gradually stops producing this enzyme on their own. This, in turn, can lead to necrosis, pancreatitis, death, pain shock.

So it is better to trust the diagnosis of professionals, and keep the special clinics.


Prevention of pain in the chest, and then back to the number of activities aimed at preventing development of the body differences, these feelings is able to call.

To reduce the risk for the development of degenerative disc disease, scoliosis, and bend over, you have to follow the correct posture and load on spine. This back of the chair in the workplace should be straight, hard. You can't sit still for more than 2 hours in a row, you have to do the workout. And the sports, the load on the spine is calculated with an experienced instructor.

The best sport in the good posture, scoliosis treatment, swimming, archery. If your work involves prolonged standing, need to wear a special corset to relieve the pressure on the spine.

Be sure to follow the diet, do not eat greasy, fried, or spicy foods. This reduces the risk of plaque formation on the walls of the blood vessels, therefore the risk of thrombosis and, consequently, heart disease. Generally, the human diet should include more fiber, fresh fruit and vegetables. Also, the need to reduce the consumption of sugar, namely, fresh cakes, soft drinks. Remember, obesity is the cause of many diseases: high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack, or cholecystitis.

It is necessary to give up bad habits, such as Smoking, alcohol consumption. Nicotine, products of combustion destroys the alveoli in the lungs, capillaries, thick wall vessels, thus chronic bronchitis, as a consequence, the lung cancer.

Alcohol destroys the liver, pancreas, not to mention the stomach and duodenum. Gastritis, gastric ulcer, pancreatitis - this is a direct result of alcohol in violation of food rules.


You need to regularly check your blood pressure, your blood sugar level. After all, if detected in the early stages of the development of the hypertension, the diabetes, not just keep them in control, but also to prevent the emergence of diseases caused by them. For the same purpose, at least 2 times a year undergo a medical examination. The previously detected developing disease, the better will be the prognosis of the treatment. It is important to lead a healthy lifestyle, often spending time in the fresh air, engage in gentle activities. This will help to prevent the development of many diseases.