Pain in the right hypochondrium radiating back: causes, diagnosis, treatment

If you feel pain, discomfort when turning the body to the side, this may be indication of liver -, kidney -, pancreas.

the pain in the right side, then back

But most often the pain in the right hypochondrium, radiating back suggests that patients developing degenerative disc disease, or the disease in the acute phase.

What hurts, why, how to handle it just tell the doctor, after examination, diagnosis.

Causes of pain side of back

If you experience the oppressive, sharp or dull pain in the back or right side need to immediately go to the hospital.

Because the symptoms will only get worse, for several reasons:

  1. Acute hepatitis, jaundice, high fever, fatigue. Usually, inflammation develops due to poisoning poisons, chemicals, drugs;
  2. Pain radiating to the back just below the rib cage talks about the defeat of the gallbladder, the stones presence. But then symptoms such as tightness in the liver area, fever, nausea, discomfort in the shoulders, the hands;
  3. If it hurts under the ribs, or on the right side, so that the spasm of the shoulder, clavicle, then patients may be diagnosed with the pancreas inflammation of the pancreas;
  4. Pain in the costal margin can talk about heart failure;
  5. Kidney disease, the appearance of the stones in the urogenital system;
  6. Exacerbation of lumbar osteochondrosis, rheumatism, or arthritis.

What you need to do immediately?

The surrounding the side of the pain often indicate the development of the inflammatory processes in the aggravation of certain chronic diseases.

We must act based on the main symptoms:

  • Sharp pain under right rib cage, or the side that comes on suddenly, radiating to the back usually says that appendicitis, pancreatitis, so quickly to call an ambulance;
  • Sore, short-term, retreating, anticonvulsant the curve of the side of pain, on the background of aggravation of degenerative disc disease or arthritis should be treated in accordance with the written therapy: medication, rubbing ointments.


Determine the cause of pain under the ribs on the right, if you give me back, arms, you will need to go to the hospital, that a number of the professionals:

  1. Gastroenterologist;
  2. Surgeon;
  3. Infectious diseases physician;
  4. The podiatrist.

The standard tests, each patient must go through the following:

  • He let the general analysis of blood, urine;
  • External audit;
  • Ultrasound, ct, x-ray;
  • The gastroscopy.

But even then, you need to focus on the most common symptoms are pain in right side ribs under the back:

  1. The appearance of nausea, red eyes, high temperature is better to start with the infectious diseases;
  2. If you have problems with the kidneys during urination the pain, it will be common, suffering from a high temperature, then going to a surgeon;
  3. The presence of the diseases of the stomach, digestive system, vomiting or diarrhea should be examined with a gastroenterologist;
  4. A bad posture during sleep, high physical activity, hypothermia says, the defeat, the right side lumbar osteochondrosis, which is why the orthopedic doctor, or doctor.

Pain in the lower back part of the osteochondrosis reasons

If you feel pain, not only on the right side, but the ribs upper quadrant, or back to, the reasons for the appearance of a few:

  • Sedentary work, lack of physical activity;
  • Bad posture, or accessories during sleep;
  • Move to the previous record;
  • Great physical exertion;
  • Obesity;
  • Hypothermia;
  • Inflammatory processes in the tissues;
  • Infectious and autoimmune diseases.

Classification the pain in the hypochondrium

The cause of the discomfort, cramps, pain in the right side, not only focusing on the location of the body, but also the character of the pain:

  • Sore symptoms you speak osteomyelitis, the growth of cartilage degenerative disc disease of the lumbar;
  • Long, recurring pain caused by trauma, physical exertion, cold. Particularly manifested during motion, turn to the right, when you decide;
  • Excruciating pain, cramps, because of the hepatitis, and other infectious processes in the body.
  • The appearance of acute pain, you should immediately contact the surgeon to perform x-ray, diagnosis. In the opposite case, the probability of a fatal outcome, surgical removal of the gallbladder, Appendix.

Treatment of pain in the right side, then back

To self-medicate is not recommended, but after the diagnosis, you can use the techniques described in the following table:

Lower back pain, arthritis, rheumatismPain, anti-inflammatory drugs, treatment ointments, visiting massage, reflexology, therapeutic exercises.
Kidney disease, kidney stonesHospital treatment, antibiotic treatment, diet, decreased physical activity, the intake of vitamins.
Heart failureThe treatment only under medical supervision, the development of individual courses.
Appendicitis, hernia, osteitisImmediate medical tests, surgery, antibiotics, rehabilitation hospital.
PancreatitisUrgent hospitalization, pain medicine, under the supervision of a doctor, to eliminate the inflammation and its causes.

To order the appropriate treatment doctor

Easier to get rid of the inflammation, the pain in the right upper quadrant, which causes the lower back pain, vertebrae displacement, or inflammation.

Since then, the patient:

  • Physiotherapy, physiotherapy;
  • Massage;
  • Reflexology or acupuncture;
  • Taking anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • Diet, vitamins;
  • Dry heat, hardware, procedures.


What is the nature of the pain doesn't hurt, it is not necessary to postpone treatment or to reject medical help.


As the discomfort in the right side, the rear or upper quadrant may indicate serious violations in the activities of the organs deformation of the vertebrae muscle tissue.

Then the play into the hands of the patient reducing the rate of recovery.