Back pain back in the lower right corner

Everyone has sometimes a bad back. In most cases, this phenomenon does not cause serious concern. But if back pain felt better regularly, to count the signal, the body to try to analyze the cause of the symptoms, and, if necessary, consult a doctor.

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That can cause pain in the right side of the back?

One of the most common reason seems to be aching pain in the right side of the wrong posture or long stay in the body, the physically disadvantaged. Regular to the incorrect position leads to a compensatory spinal deformity, as well as the inadequate distribution of load on the muscles that support it. Lack of physical activity, the work in the position, "sit", a bad selection of bedding if you break the posture.

Sometimes the pain in back due to displacement of the intervertebral discs. The reason for this is that such pathology may be a chronic disease of the musculoskeletal system or injury. If you have any deformation of the intervertebral discs suffer located near the nerves, the result is a feeling of discomfort.

Hurts, your back hurts, problems of the digestive system, particularly intestine. Often, the symptom indicates that the hormonal balance, as well as violation of the diet. If the pain in the back right appear regularly, you should think about your diet, consult a gastroenterologist.

If the pain radiates to the back it's not true, because the kidney disease. It can be uncomfortable, he felt the first, in the abdomen, under the ribs. The most common causes of this phenomenon – the kidney stone or the violation of the outflow of urine. Sometimes regular malaise may be accompanied by disturbances of urination.

Back pain right side below can be a consequence of obesity. The overweight disrupt every system in your body. In particular, the excessive body weight means excessive load on the musculoskeletal system. The result – back pain, which usually disappears completely after the normalization of weight.

This may mean that the kind of pain?

The diseases of the genital organs in women — the main cause of your back pain

In women, low back pain on the right may indicate disease of the reproductive organs. This symptom is characterized by the inflammatory processes of the pelvic organs, tumors, ovarian cysts. The biggest danger in this situation is that there are no clear symptoms – erased clinical picture "push" the patient should pay attention to the appearance of this phenomenon, and the attention attracted, it's just pain ignore no longer works. A woman may think that nagging lower back pain on the right side appears due to lifting heavy objects or other loads and I don't think that's the real reason.

Back pain on the right side of the top can be a signal that the diseases of the respiratory system. If the discomfort regularly, the probability of presence of chronic disease. Some experienced physicians are able to diagnose the presence of tumors in the lungs, the bronchi, the description to give patients the pain. Do you often feel not only the pain in the back at the top, but discomfort in the chest area. Sometimes this pain radiates to the arm. If you have severe lesions of the internal organs can be felt, both on the right and on the left side.

If sharp pain in the right side is not traumatic in nature can cause a variety of diseases, the functioning of the peripheral nervous system. If the discomfort appeared after the injury or the back injury was in the recent past, a sharp pain is a direct consequence of this injury. In this case, if you need to contact a medical facility and, if necessary, undergo medical examination, examination, which includes the full range of modern radiological methods of examination (computer tomography, magnetic resonance).

pain during pregnancy

What other reason can appear pain syndrome?

The pregnancy, of course, the pain is back

Pain in the back right rear after intense exercise, the phenomenon is common, it's harmless. If you regularly feel discomfort after the work associated with weight lifting or running tilts, then try out the simple exercises to strengthen your back, keep your back the proper spinal position. If the pain is on the right side, the rear is too strong, it makes sense to minimize physical activity, and screening to detect chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Often the pain is back to complaining about the pregnancy of the women. The symptom is harmless in this case excluded the probability of the presence of chronic diseases of the spine, the kidneys. During pregnancy significant weight gain in the short term, this changes according to the load on back muscles, which can result in regular back pain get better. To reduce the discomfort, it is recommended that preference for this type of physical activity, like walking, swimming, to acquire an orthopedic mattress, in accordance with the selected prenatal bandage and avoid strenuous physical work.

Why pain in the lower back, better: treatment

Pain in the lumbar region — a fairly common phenomenon. The surveys show that approximately 30% of the Russian adult population suffer from various unpleasant feelings in the back. According to the respondents, lower back pain equally often on the left or on the right side. Causes of pain in the back is not only the spine, but also the problems of the functioning of internal organs. Under certain circumstances they experienced back pain on the right when driving. In some cases, the pain hurts, others acute.

The majority of respondents admitted that when they felt a sharp, pulling pain in the lower back were not in a hurry to go to the doctor. What's the reason? Many believed that the pain symptoms do not prevent them when driving. In fact, virtually all respondents knew that the back pain is necessary to take urgent measures, and only 15% of the database.

Lower back pain causes to consult a physician

The complexity of the diagnosis

When I came back, you need to find out the cause of the state. They can be very different. Discomfort is usually accompanied by simultaneous changes in the body. Such changes are the following:

  • temperature rise;
  • headache;
  • vomiting;
  • difficulty, increased urination.

There may be other symptoms, which allows you to more quickly diagnose the disease.

The cause of the back pain or congenital or acquired diseases. Often, your back hurts, the better you can be one of the manifestations of the problems, musculoskeletal device.

If a person with acute low back pain, manifested as a pain. When the pain in the right side of the back, it might be osteomyelitis. The risk of sacroiliitis in the later stages faster to diagnose because those suffering from these pains, back pain, pain on the right side. Causes of pain in the right side of the lower back can testify, and malignant processes.

Development of osteochondrosis in sedentary lifestyle

Disease, the hip muscle also alert you when a sore back on the right. If the pain and accompanying symptoms. In some cases, these are standard:

  • deterioration of the general health of a person;
  • depression;
  • apathy;
  • weakness.
the cause of the pain

Often these unpleasant feelings are concentrated in the area of the sacrum. Acute pain is characterized by trauma, inflammation of the hip muscle stretch the inter vertebral ligaments, which is no less dangerous. The patients usually do not take into account the neurological diseases provoke back pain in the right. The reasons may be different.

These symptoms can be of different etiology. Right optic neuritis is often the first time you can feel when a person you hurt your back. In this case, as the muscle problems, pain often radiates to the leg. Neuralgia is also characterized by a sore back for the better. The lower back pain on the right side is a symptom of various diseases of the internal organs. If the flow of inflammatory processes in the intestine, right kidney, liver, gallbladder, right ovary, right away begin to hurt your back.

Lower back pain right side can be a symptom of various diseases of the internal organs

Disease, often manifested by pain in the back

The first question that the doctor, the patient characteristics of the symptoms. The faster, more accurate diagnosis of the disease, health professionals need to know exactly how it feels to be in the right, what are the symptoms, and the condition was preceded by this phenomenon. Excruciating pain can be of different intensity. You should know that if a mild pain in the back is not right, it's not the fact that the disease is not dangerous. Exactly aching pain accompanied by the development of life-threatening inflammation of the internal organs, and the appearance of malignant tumors.

If you have a dull, aching pain in the lower back, right side, there is a high probability that the degenerative disc disease. Discomfort in the back, when this disease occurs because of the decreased functioning of the spine, spastic condition of the muscles, ligaments. Someone who suffers from low back pain, pain in the morning.

Acute and obtuse arising from back pain a sign of acute sciatica. This symptom is usually pronounced accompanied by his back, the other parts of the body. The phenomenon of the cross could be separate diseases. The lower back pain the right, that the different intensity. If you have back pain, lumbago, above the waist, then it's probably a result of the fact that the man lifted something heavy.

Improper weight lifting load on the vertebral disks increase 9 times

Lifting heavy objects is strictly prohibited in the posture when the person in the position angle is trying to go straight. Then the spine, increased load increases the risk of injury. Weight lifting should be in a squatting position with your back straight, slowly straightening the knee. Then you can avoid back pain.

If drawn above the area of the kidneys may confirm the assumption that the patient started, myositis — inflammation of muscles. The disease is accompanied by general deterioration of health. The symptom of pain might not be so pronounced, what can be said about the dangers of the disease, full of different complications.

If a myositis of the muscles during the pain will be harder than usual. If the lower back is observed at the beginning of excruciating pain, and then the seizures, it's almost 100 % likely that these are the symptoms of hernia. In addition to this phenomenon, to point the disease posture and limited mobility. Unpleasant higher or lower on the waist accompanied by, in some cases, a tangible tingling in my legs. The patients often complain of numbness in the extremities.

The causes of back pain in women: the pathology of internal organs, as well as the pregnancy

The women's discomfort over the lower back is often caused by malignant, benign tumors. In such cases, often the pain and below the waist on the right side. The symptoms often spread to the left part of the back — it all depends on exactly where in the body where the tumor is. Stabbing pain below the waist on the right indicate pyelonephritis, or disease of the bladder. Accompanied by spasms when urinating.

Stabbing pain below the waist pyelonephritis, diseases of the ureter it is often the surrounding characters. If the stone in the ureter, usually moving down. I can't exclude the possibility that the irradiation, just above the waist to the right, which is much harder to diagnose.

If this symptom of the human, I see the dark urine, you should immediately contact the healthcare institution, as it may be, for the next few hours would require immediate hospital treatment. Pyelonephritis, problems of the functioning of the ureter is often accompanied by a sudden increase in body temperature. Report any analgesics during deterioration of health don't, because they further aggravate the attacks, and negatively affect the kidney.

Discomfort in the back is a common companion of pregnancy. The best solution is, if a woman before pregnancy to prepare for the issues that occurred during may. During pregnancy the load on the spine increases significantly.

Pregnant women often complain of various localization of the painful symptoms that felt like the right and on the left side.

diagnosis, treatment

Pregnancy is often accompanied by radiating pain, discomfort in the abdomen. During pregnancy these are a part of the foot, worse when tired or after exercise. The woman is pregnant, the child in a difficult situation. Any medication he is only in extreme cases, as external grinding, ointments and hot compresses. In any case, you shouldn't treat the pain symptoms of back, leg as is the norm, and make sure that you inform your doctor.