Experience in the use of Hondrocream

The story was sent to Andrei, who experienced severe trauma, to cope with the consequences using Hondrocream.

Hello. I wanted to share with you my experience of recovery after a small "accident" happened to me, Cycling. As a result of the collision with another bike I got a few bruises, and sprains. Since she wasn't scheduled for an Amateur competition, but the doctor is not recommended to load the body after the incident, I needed a quick result without consequences. The improvements won in record time thank you Hondrocream.

How to cope with the constant pain?

The situation is not hopeless was the doctor for regular consultations will continue to recommend total rest, the promised date is closer. I decided that even if you don't participate, then through exactly. But it was necessary to speed healing, relieve pain. Injuries particular complications on the joints, so to move just the length of interruptions. Until I helped my girlfriend (a doctor), at the time held the practice at the other end of the city, which couldn't have been there as many times as necessary support.

It is advised that you ask your friends who love Cycling like me, to get rid of the pain in muscles, joints, continuous training or after injury. The survey gave the result — so I learned Hondrocream.


Using the ointment immediately after the recommendations. At first I was afraid that the side effects. Secondly, you should consult your doctor to rule out the possibility of individual intolerance to the components and the typical "I won't hurt you". After a short deliberation, the expert gave me the permission I received Hondrocream.

The doctor suggested not to focus only on ointments as there is no quick results in a product, you can't. So I resorted to the comprehensive measures, not excluding even the procedure, which is three times a week I had to go to the hospital.

The result Hondrocream

The result was that for a long time to wait. Couldn't get rid of the annoying pain and discomfort the injuries caused serious inconvenience. It was hard to move, but after the cream turns out to save the girl's afraid to walk with me to the shower (a bit awkward, I'm not used to this).

It should be noted that the instructions must be followed exactly, while not forgetting that all the burden of the affected limb gives complications in the future, to overload the body, as a whole, it is not recommended during recovery. Daily rubbing cream on the bruises, he was not able to accelerate the healing, but spare yourself, remembering the doctor's recommendations.

Medium efficiency

Like I said, wait for the miracle. Along with all the required procedures, as well as vitamin-rich food, and my girlfriend supported, helped, managed to fully restore, or to restore the former, the mobility of the legs. The full recovery after only few times use ointment as prophylaxis to another bike ride was the new injury, I have to say, it really helped me I don't need the familiar traumatologist again after falls on the ice, six months after the "accident".

Ointment works, but not fast enough. I can recommend to my friends who love the sport, those who have experienced all the consequences of a simple fall.