Why back pain: the main causes, treatment methods

Almost every second man older than 16-18 years old regularly complains that her back hurts. In recent years such problems have become typical, even for teenagers, but the frequency of the complaints among adults back pain increased. However, medical help is only a fifth of them. Others prefer "cope with" your own, relying on painkillers, in the hope that the discomfort goes away by itself.

back pain

All it would cost to determine whether exactly what back pain, to the specific case, because this symptom can cause serious health problems.

Cause of the pain

The relatively young, healthy people, back pain usually in the pathological overload. This is because the spinal pain is the complaint that doctors treat 85% of patients. You don't need to be a weightlifter to participate in the physical work due to their professional specificity, or a fan of country garden works. A constant finding in the same situation, for example, when working at the computer, provides a voltage, which becomes the cause of the back pain. Recommendations for the doctors to withdraw the chair for the deeper a good reason. The heavy bags are carried to the shop from home can give you the same effect.

The diagnosis of "tired backs" in medical terminology. The pain is not acute in nature, or debited, to "an undetermined cause" , treat the rest and the correct fit. More attention is being paid, if the feeling does not subside within two weeks accompanied by additional symptoms, or with a certain regularity. To determine why back pain, you need to have a number of hardware tests, consultations of doctors of different specializations.

Compression fracture

According to the world health organization, up to 4% of the elderly patients who have a sore back, suffering a compression fracture. During this diagnosis means that a crack generated in the vertebra, without particularly strong external impact. This fracture occurs in older men; the younger age groups tend to her patients with osteoporosis of the spine. Decreased bone density unreliable in the face of gravity. The fracture can happen under the influence of its own weight, the patient, and he didn't notice, just mention that your back hurts, why – is not clear. This is the reason why compression fracture traumatic consequences, or you don't.

What to do if back hurts as a result of such damage, the details tell the doctor. Save the situation, the rest, strict bed rest, and medication that reduces the pain.

Problems with the spine



A chronic disease that can affect people of any age, social status, and gender. The development of osteochondrosis the intervertebral disc height decreases, the reduced mobility of the whole spine, the time complications arise not only the site, but especially the internal organs.


This disease affects up to 7 % of the population. But spondylolisthesis is diagnosed very rare: many people until the last moment ignored the signs of acute pain occurring in the lower back. In principle, the disease can affect any part of the spine but most often affects the fifth lumbar vertebra. The leg is deformed, that rep is about to begin under the convex or forward or backward. Figuratively speaking, spondylolisthesis of the spine ceases to remind post – it's more like a ladder.

The disease is manifested to all the time, my back hurts, the pain can be transferred to the buttocks, in some cases, the lower limb. However, if the disease is not too far away, I have the feeling, not too spicy, which allows the patients to ignore them.

Ankylosing spondylitis

He also ankylosing spondylitis. Affects mostly men, of all ages. Female patients account for only 16-17 %. When spondylitis inflamed joints, and ligaments; the disease is progressive in nature. Usually begins with the lumbar, but in the absence of response, this is the right treatment, quickly spread to the chest after cervical segments. This is to cover the back: if you have a sore back, and soon the whole body will not stay on the bench.

The first symptoms of rigidity, the lower part of the body, accompanied by severe pain syndrome. It should be noted that the tension of the entire spinal muscles, which is continuous, not abate, even for a long vacation. Almost all patients whining of the thigh; over time, Bechterew's disease affects the connective tissue, the circulatory system, the lungs or the kidneys. The drug, describes the individual cases in which spondylitis can also affect the eyes, too.

Herniated disks.

This pathology of the intervertebral discs is considered to be very common. Often the problem is that with Mature people 40 years old or older, but can develop to a much younger age. Contribute to the emergence of herniated discs:

the herniated disc
  • overweight – in the last years, the most common triggering factor;
  • it's hard physical work or workout with weights;
  • injury, appropriate spine;
  • prolonged sitting (especially if the workplace is organized, in accordance with the error to an orthopedic recommendations);
  • trigger the disease: dysplasia in infancy, scoliosis, osteochondrosis.

The mechanism of developing a hernia lies in the fact that the degeneration of the tissue, like the connective tissue, muscular. Not supported muscularis corset spine is starting to sink, wheels simulate, squeezed beyond the boundaries of the column. As a result, the patient is very back pain, especially when lifting or turning the inclinavit se situation. The pain can be aggravated by sneezing or coughing, to unexpected or unusual movement. Additional symptoms — numbness, tingling, or performance of the legs, climb on "inspiration", and other not too pleasant feeling.


This is one of the rare reasons for back pain. Such a diagnosis is made only 0,01% of the patients referred to the doctor. Starts osteomyelitis due to penetration of the spinal cord infection often gets the blood to the urine channel. The insidiousness of the disease, that develops gradually, imperceptibly, the disease, the patient will know when back, pain, fever, and sometimes dangerous indicators.

However, it is worth to mention: if your back hurts, or your shoulder, the thermometer confirms that you're sick, that doesn't mean that osteomyelitis. The same clinical picture observed in many infectious diseases the same flu, for example. So, if very sore back, what to do, you have to define the doctor. Otherwise, you can start to heal the infection to the spine at a time as you have to contend with the more familiar disease.

Back pain can be enforced, and severe scoliosis, sciatica (in this case, the intensity of crescent, to "unbearable"), as well as many other problems of the spine. If you are worried about the question of what to do, that hurts your back, set the focus, the anxiety, the establishment of accurate diagnosis. Only a specialist can understand what treatment is necessary.

Not just the spine

between the shoulder blades

How to get rid of back pain? Many people think that to be a podiatrist or spine. However, this part of the body hint us that the problems of the internal organs, which are the spine is not connected:

  • if you back hurts on the left side, the upper part of the body that hurts, but sometimes rapiente character, that the symptoms may indicate a heart attack. Anyway, the heart, obviously there's a problem, you can visit the cardiologist costs, as fast as possible;
  • pain affects the lower back to a zero point that is the foot, often indicate inflammatory processes, organs, renal, or under the jurisdiction of the ob. The nature of the emotion – pulling, sharp, throbbing. Sometimes the pain is transmitted, and groin;
  • pain in the area between the shoulder blades often talk about diseases of the digestive system. Some of them are given in the lower back, the patient begins to treat the non-existent sciatica;
  • mild pain in the back, a lot of dans, one of the lower limbs, increasing when moving or sitting, we're talking about, sciatica, inflammation or pinching of the sciatic nerve;
  • deaf, but noticeable pain in shoulder migrate to the center of the spine, and severe bodily alternately in the body or in the air – a clear sign that there are problems with the lungs. In some cases, so obviously, heart-vascular disease.

If the treatment of pain, is recommended in most patients with spine diagnoses ineffective, if the intensity of the pain depends on the position (sitting, standing, lying down), it is likely that the problem is not the range, as well as the internal organs.

In these cases, the psychologist must prescribe a treatment. Back pain as the physiological reasons, its internal disorder. And while he persists (or the patient him to suck), uncomfortable, can't be improved. Even pain medications significantly weaker than planned.

Therapy basics

The main issue for patients is still the same, sacramental: what should be treated? Back pain – symptoms have to be removed, so don't bother, to live, to work. However, this is a very limited perception of the problem. Withdrawal symptoms solves the problem temporarily. If you don't deal with the illness, which in connection with the development of the pain will come back, again and again.

If your back pain is caused by problems in the spine, usually applied to a single therapeutic modalities, elaborated in accordance with the specific diagnosis, the individual patient's characteristics. This includes:

back treatment
  • nonsteroid anti-inflammatory drugs number. They are at the same time get rid of back pain ortus, or gene date them inflammatory process. If the pain is very strong, the drug is administered intramuscularly; the complex case is added to analgesics, and narcotic substances. The maintenance medication, vitamins, muscle relaxants, the reinforcing effect nonsteroids, antihistamines. If you have back pain caused by the original disease, treatment – valid for the first day, regardless of the intensity of the pain syndrome;
  • physiotherapy. This is assigned when acute attack stopped, and the procedure, because of relapse or complications. One of the most popular and effective effects — electrophoresis, magnetic therapy, acupuncture. In recent years, especially in the recommended by doctors hydrokinesotherapy — stimulating stretching of the spine, the exercises, the pool is heated water;
  • physiotherapy. Without fail almost every diagnosis. Deformation and degradation of the spine will progress, if not regularly, be forced to take you to the correct position. Gymnastics must become part of the patient's life, or after the termination of the back pain.

If back pain is caused by the development of the diseases of certain internal organs, the treatment will change dramatically. The first stage remains the same, except that only painkillers (if the inflammation has already had time to settle the patient's body). In the second stage, the treatment is aimed at treatment of the primary pathology: the treatment of circulatory, digestive, or genitourinary system. This is justified because back pain is not related to the physiological state.

Cases, psychosomatic back problems, is rightly considered to be the most complex for the patient. You need to pass a comprehensive examination, consultation, a number of specialists to reduce the likelihood that it is not just the vertebrate diseases, and problems with internal organs. And then to talk to (not a) a professional psychologist. In our country the doctor is regarded as something presentable. Unfortunately, without your help, the patient must accept the fact that he is in constant back pain: get rid of the internal problems of their own, we get some patients.