8 causes of back pain. All issues – the treatment

Every man at least once in their life from time to time the back pain. Most often, this phenomenon is not cause for concern, regardless of progress. But there are times when ignoring it is not so simple. Back pain on the right side may indicate a more serious disease than the usual physical strain. In all cases, to prevent the disaster, it is necessary to analyze all possible causes of back pain, if necessary, consult a doctor.

back pain

The first reason. Uncomfortable to work

The asymmetric position of the spine during operation, the tension of certain muscles at the expense of others or even just too long to "sit down" mode – this can lead to regular back pain after work.

Solution. To avoid this, a chair in front of a Table, it's pretty hard seat, straight back. Sit on it, exactly, that the back is straight, without bending the shoulder without tilting it upside down. The table height is chosen, with the arm bent at the elbow at a 90° angle. If you wear glasses, you don't need to force it to bend on the table, or, conversely, to tilt the head.

The house also need to avoid the "threat" postures, awkward movements. Don't wash the tub, bent over, a knot: use in the pool, which may not be lower than the elbow. It is not necessary to wash the floor "crab position" (bent) – only MOP, with a fairly long handle. If you do not reach somewhere, right knee.

The bathroom is connected to the wall of the arm. Mounted over the bathtub, near the toilet, this allows you to sit down, stand up, get out of the water without undue stress on the back muscles. At the same time, don't slip on the slippery tile or enamel.

When you brush your teeth, wash your face, don't stand over the sink, bending the back. It is better to sit in a chair, or to raise the sink, the bathroom, the same optimal height, the elbow.

The second reason. Back gets tired of the overload

It is reasonable that the back is a little rest, if fatigue is not yet manifested in full force. Even if the comfortable position, the muscles that are stuck in the same situation, reduce the tension, in the end, and longer nerve endings, and cause discomfort.

Solution. If the fatigue caused by long standing or sitting, the other primarily to posture change. Your task is to relax muscles. It is good to lie down, raise your leg. But if this is not possible, in silence, five or six minutes.

The reason for this is that the third. The back muscles are weakened and struggle to cope with the vertical position

The back muscles need to be regularly trained to support the spine without effort, the age, the sedentary lifestyle is becoming increasingly difficult.

Solution. The easiest way – walking. If you haven't, start with half an hour is not too tired. Help special gymnastics complexes, the back muscles, the yoga, the swimming is not the speed, but fun, Water aerobics. But the simulators must be treated very carefully they can give the not desired heavy load.

The reason for this is that the fourth. Uncomfortable in an uncomfortable posture with the night while you sleep

The bed is comfortable, which allows your muscles to relax. If you don't rest at night, while the same bending of the spine, which was to "continue" to the day the pain appears in the morning.

Solution. Sometimes the pain in the lumbar back help, it's just a pillow or cushion helps to eliminate the bending of the spine that causes back muscles to tighten, and relax for the night. If your back hurts regularly, you don't dispense with orthopedic mattress – successfully removes the load on the rear. Not worth saving, then it is better if you purchase the product, proven quality. It is possible to check that the mattress is not false: a plastic large bottle of mineral water, sit down on the distance of 30-35 cm. The bottle not to fall. There are also anatomical, the receiving mattress. They perfectly relieve muscle, although it's very expensive. However, these are not intended for sleep, not for a long time lying down.

The fifth reason. The hard bags

Sudden or excessive strain on the spine, or the worst effect on intervertebral discs: compressed, sometimes pressing on nerve roots. The pain of hell, it is better to consider at once that such studies do not.

Solution. Rise up from the ground, weight, it is impossible to, from one day to the other, straight legs. Then the entire burden falls on the lower back. The first is the heavy object, sit down, straight back, straight back, gently, "the mass". If need to bend legs slightly bent at the knees. Rely on straight legs, too dangerous for the lower back. To reduce the risk of a special elastic belt that supports your back. If you did not manage to prevent the pain, you will need to manage, long enough, to pills, pain relievers, rubbing the sore spot ointments. Better after consulting a neurologist. Help the physical therapy, massage – not the first day of exacerbation, and then a few days later.

The reason the sixth. Pregnancy, childbirth

Women in the pregnancy, the birth, the load on the spine grows 2-4 times. The adult baby is strongly hanging on to the mother. And year, usually 12-14 pounds. It is not surprising that the spin can't get it up.

Solution. During pregnancy it is necessary to wear a support bandage style, which it is better to discuss with your specialist. And after the birth, should not be ignored, bandages, and sometimes a special belt clamping screw on the lower right back. They anyway, it's good to use in almost any physical work. When you carry out any domestic duties, especially with a child on his arm, the young mother are useful for hedging a special, elastic suspenders, which are slightly pulled back shoulders.

The reason the seventh. Back pain during menstruation

back pain is the menstruációkor

The location of the internal organs due to the increase in the size of the uterus is changed, therefore the muscles usually support the sacrum, the back, to strain beyond what I felt as unpleasant. But if swollen uterus or other organs pressure the roots of the spinal nerves, it is very severe pain. If the added load on the muscles, ligaments associated with a long walk (especially in heels), or athletic exercises, the back is not to the end of the day.

Solution. The critical days, it's a shame you don't exercise, limit motor mode. It is also important to wear comfortable shoes without a heel, if possible, 2-3 times a day, to a horizontal position at least 5 minutes. It is also important that you drink plenty of fluids if you have a tendency to edema, this time will be the infusion of bearberry.

The reason the eighth. The hypothermia of the feet

If one or two days before walking barefoot on the cold floor or the ground, out of thin stockings, easy pair of shoes, the pain may be associated with inflammation of the ovaries, or pyelonephritis. Here, without serious intervention the gynecologist, or nephrologist is not enough. If the pain added a sharp, burning sensation when urinating – possible cystitis.

Solution. If you have previously had inflammation of the ovaries – a sign probably did it because the pain in the lower abdomen to move, and the lower back. You need to go to the gynecologist, who will prescribe an anti-bacterial treatment, suppositories or in the form of tablets that you need to a week and a half or two. In the future, it is believed that the cool weather, need to dress warmer, better pants, closed shoes.